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New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Hits Like a Giant Robot Monster

The new trailer for 'Pacific Rim' by Guillermo del Toro is goddamn outstanding. Giant mech robots fighting undersea godzilla-esque alien monsters all while listening to GLaDOS. \m/ The movie is set to be released July 12, 2013 and you can check out the sick movie posters here.


These American Psycho Cupcakes are an Undisputed Masterpiece

Mini chainsaw? Video tapes to be returned? Huey Lewis and the freakin' News. These cupcakes were ordered up by Jade for her boyfriend's birthday in which immediate after she forced into a threesome was killed and cut up him up into little pieces.

"I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust."

Lucky guy.


Batman 'The Dark Knight Rises' 3D Street Art is Beyond Awesome

Located in Madrid, Spain this super sick street art is dizzyingly cool. It looks like you can jump right into Gotham City!

The art was made to celebrate the IMAX release this friday in Europe.

[ thedarkknightrises ]


TRON Beer Pong Table Puts the MCP in Control of Your Wet Balls

Beer Pong has been an ancient ritual performed in the basements of the world's finest ball handlers and beer pounders alike. But wait, what do we have here? A custom TRON beer pong table that was apparently made by three glowing ladies who know exactly how to get to my heart. TRON + BEER.

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Armored CaddyShack Gopher to Get His Revenge on Bill Murray

"This piece is for the Bill Murray tribute show called “Please Post Bills” at Gallery 1988 Melrose on November 3, 2011."

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Paint Famous Movie Scenes Right on Your Eyelids!

Eyeseeyou! Katie, if you are reading this, can I request a dueling space fetus vs. HAL from 2001?

Made by [ Katie Alves ] and spotted at [ geekologie ]


Lord of the Rings Extended Editions Back in Theaters for the Summer

Care to spend those sunny summer days in a cool movie theater for about 10 and a half hours? Hellz yeah! AMC theaters will be showing each of the extended editions starting with June 14th (Fellowship), June 21st (Towers), and June 28th (King) all playing at 7pm. Why are they doing this you ask? Good question! All for the Benjamins AND to hype up the release of the extended editions on bluray that are going on sale very soon. Which is quite awesome and about time.

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Human Centipede: The Musical

Emerson College is putting on a musical based on everyone's favorite 'The Human Centipede'. "We're just some nerds who wanted to make a musical," says the Emerson College comedy troupe, chocolatecakecity. Nerds who appreciate ass2mouth2ass2mouth.  Read on to watch a video clip.

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Sucker Punch Inspired LEGO Samurai with a MiniGun

Sucker Punch was at least cool looking. Simplistically LEGO cool looking.

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The Harry Potter Gang Brandishing Star Wars Lighsabers

Harry Starpotter

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Glowing CG Cartoon TRON Uprising Animated Series Trailer

Disney XD is releasing a cartoon series based on the TRON universe for the summer of 2012. The story takes place right between the original 1982 TRON and the most recent 2010 TRON Legacy, and you guessed it, there will be an uprising. The visuals of this trailer look pretty tight and I admit that I am excited to see how this all unfolds. I hope its better than this, but I wont hold my breath.

Briefly: "Produced by Disney Television Animation, the series follows Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of "The Grid". His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous CLU and his henchman General Tesler."

Found at [ toplessrobot ] as we both share the same irrational obsession with all things TRON.


TRON Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D: The TRON Daft Punk Soundtrack Remixed


The TRON soundtrack is being remixed with a slew of noted entities of the music industry such as M83... The Crystal Method, and more. Admittedly, as much as I liked the Daft Punk TRON soundtrack, I kind of wished it was a bit more exciting and at times was able to deliver the gold, the supreme audio magnificence electro-gold that I desperately need. Might this be it?

Read on for the full track listing.

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