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ET-X: The Extended Trailer for the E.T. Sequel not Coming to Theaters

I have mixed feelings about this. Moments of "hey thats great!!!" mixed with "wtf why in the hell?!?!" Anyway. take a look and see for yourself. As you can see, it's a compilation of a bunch of different movie clips stitched together as one. Yep!

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Now, If You'll Excuse Me... You Might Want to Watch this Video

Supercut of characters in movies who have better things to do.

Movies in order are: Cruel Intentions, American Psycho, Snatch, Mary Poppins, Star Trek: Nemesis, Jailhouse Rock, The Jacket, Five Easy Pieces, Corky Romano, Face-Off, Striptease
Wayne's World 2, Choke, K-Pax, Wild Wild West, Transporter 2, Batman Begins, Role Models


Fan Made Green Lantern Poster is Awesomeness

James White is pissed. He is so mad about the latest Green Lantern posters that he decided to make his own. I admit, his is better... far better... way better. 

"I honestly believe the Green Lantern logo in terms of design is ranked at third across the entire DC Universe trumped only by Superman and Batman, and the ring is by far the most iconic element of this hero."

What's nice about this, is that the design seems to treat the ring as if it was a light saber owned by a Jedi Knight (or equally powerful of a being). Glowy, powerful, and yet, genuinely comic book in style. Very cool.

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The Harry Potter Toilet Seat Allows for Magical Poopery

Pooping is great. Go ahead, snicker... but you know it's true. Combine a well earned poop with the magic of Harry Potter and the gang, and you have a toilet that you might never want to get up from. Plus, as an added bonus, looks like Hagrid will be protecting your junk, and we all know he is one tough dude. To the ministry !

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The Power of Exorcist Crochet Compels You

Like yarn? Like yarn crocheted into a possessed girl bile launching green stringpuke on a priest? Sure ya do ! Plus, the lady who makes these little creations is kinda... umm.. interesting herself... I will let you click on.

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New TRON Legacy Trailer Version 3 Excites my Excitement

ZOMG yes.


Oakley Debuts Stylin' 3D Glasses for TRON Legacy


Sick of those crappy 3D glasses you get at the theater that you happily have to give back to the goofy ass collector dude(but honestly, you still feel like stealing them)? Well, Oakley made some new miner savers that should enhance your TRON movie going experience with style. If you are a person who really enjoys 3D movies and has a cool $150 laying around, pick these up and yes, you can use them on other movies as well. Be the cool kid in the movie IMAX theater, maybe? 

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TRON Retro Posters Updated with a Slick and Modern Look


All this TRON fan buzz is getting out of control, and I love it. Over at signalnoise, a fellow named James decided to take the original TRON poster and give it some upgrades. Over all, the guy has made some pretty cool art, so click on over and check out all he's got.

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Star Wars 3D and Why I am Thrilled to Boycott it

For many of us, and especially the readers of this humble blog, Star Wars represents the power of imagination, our collective childhoods, numerous attempts to move objects around with the force (I did it once), and a sense of community centered around major events that happend in a galaxy far far away. Oh yeah, and god damn lightsabers. Simply, I refuse to let George Lucas ruin his own work and our inspiration any further. 

Boycott Star Wars 3D? Read on...

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Newly Released TRON Legacy Concept Art


TRON is coming out in theaters so damn soon it hurts. In a little over a month, I will be sitting in the local IMAX theater, dropping my jaw while enjoying the living shit out of this movie. So, to add to the hype, check out ome hirez concept art.

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The New Full Length SKYLINE Trailer is Looking Tops

Coming out this fall, SKYLINE trailer looks pretty rad. I am enjoying the giant robot alien look and feel of this quite a bunch (and by bunch, I mean a shit load) Enjoy.

Thanks to [ toplessrobot ] for the heads up.


TRON Soundtrack Site Now Live for your Listening Pleasure


There isn't much on the site right now, but I could listen to that background loop play over and over all day. Go to the site, sign up and see what it brings you. IN THE FUTURE.