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Kittens On The Beat: 'Most Impossibly Badass Video Involving Cats Ever'

Check out this awesome music video by CorridorDigital featuring 'Wildstyle' by Savant which was commented by youtube user Foxtrot Tripolar as the 'most impossibly badass video involving cats ever... I simply could not describe it any better.

Thanks to the Awesomer for the heads up.


"The Future" According to Eclectic Method

"... it might be a fucked-up dystopian nightmare. Where artificial intelligence has surpassed that of it's creators. Or perhaps humans have ravaged the Earth to such a degree that it has gone into full revolt. Or A scarcity of resources has humans warring over water."


Cardboard 'Berlin Boombox' is a Fully Recyclable Ipod Sound Box

Yes sir... this fully cardboard chassis boombox can actually play your crappy (good) music with some relative style. All you need to do is jam your ipod (or any device really) and begin to rock out like it's the 80s.

I know what you are wondering... "Can I flatten it out and do a headspin on it?!" The answer is yes and it is expected. How much? If you drop kickstarter $50, you can snag one early and be the cool kid on the block.

Read on to see some more pics, where to get one and a video.

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'House of the Rising Sun' Played on OldSchool Computer Parts

Believe me when I say that this video will bring out the oldschool geek in any of you. Not only is this an awesome arrangement of computer parts making music that you know, it is also edited and shot on video rather well.

"He used an Atari 800XL with an EiCO Oscilloscope as the organ, a Texas instrument Ti-99/4A with a Tektronix Oscilloscope as the guitar, a hard drive powered by a PiC16F84A microcontroller as the bass drum and cymbal, and an HP Scanjet 3P, Adaptec SCSI card, and a computer powered by Ubuntu v9.10 OS for the vocals."

Spotted at [ geekologie ]


Symphony of Science is an Auto-tuned Cosmic Adventure! Yay!

"A musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, the jiggly things that make up everything we see. Featuring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close."


Zelda Theme on a Marimba is Good Enough to Defeat Ganon

Zelda on a Marimba, exactly how it is supposed to be heard.

"Played on Marimba, Snare drum, Cymbal, Bells, Timpani and fucking Triangle!"


Dinosaur Laser Fight Music Video of Prehistoric Ridiculousness

"NY Comedy band Ninja Sex Party teaches some fucking science! Thanks to our best friend EGORAPTOR for the awesome animation!"

A bit over the top, kinda silly in presentation, but somehow by the end of it all, you will be singing along about dinosaurs, sharks and aliens battling it out in space with freakin' lasers. Hey, it's friday! Rock Out!


This LEGO Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer Brings it Back Oldschool

From Orbital to Stevie Wonder, the Roland Jupiter 8 was the first truly professional analog synthesizer and it sure was loved by musicians and music hobbyists around this little blue sphere we call Earth. Percussives decided to pay homade to this great instrument by converting it into LEGO form. Pretty ill. Does it play? No idea. Should it play? I would love it if it did. But for now, this is all the info we got. Read on to see all the angles.

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I'm a Stupid Cat! Want a Silly Fcking Video About Cats? Have it Then!

"People like to look at cats on the internet. Why not look at (his) stupid cat?"

This video holds ALL the truths about fucking cats and it is presented in a fucking song. Fucking cats! They don't care about nothin'.


Sesame Street Breaks it Down Beastie Boys Sure Shot Style

I got mad hits like i was Rod Carew. Thanks to Jason for all the trust issues.


EPIC WAR: Father vs. Son in a Brutal Micro-Scale Backyard Battle

Green plastic army men? Tanks? Explosions?! Childhood battle fantasies come to live in this super-awesome video of toy destruction. \m/



Star Wars "The Dark Side" Dubstep Video Remix


Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station.


By [ Eclectic Method ]