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I DO!!! Romantically Geeky Battlestar Galactica Cylon Engagement Ring

When DisturbedRobot met his girlfriend at a Battlestar Galactica party, he knew he had to put a ring on it. So he came up with the idea of making a ring that looks like a Cylon and aimed for the stars. He used the gold / diamonds from his grandmother's ring, had his sketches modeled in Maya and then reforged by jewelry crafter craig elliott into the scifi based on his specifications. Perfectly done.

Do read on and check out more of this romantically awesome Cylon ring.

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Fill it with Booze!!! R2D2 Unit That Dispenses Drinks

Check this out. It is a R2 unit that has a been loaded with electronic Super Soaker parts and filled with blue gatorade. What is the BEST part about this, is that it looks like our little android pal is taking a pee right into your cup. Spell it out loud "I CUP". Works every time.

"After spraying it white and masking off the entire thing with blue painter’s tape, the shapes for the blue designs were cut out and painted. Half of a foam sphere from the hobby shop was used to form the dome."

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar with Working Lights and Sounds!

This guitar is total star wars geek badass. Comes equipped with an R2-D2 head stock, a plastic Millennium Falcon body with working lights / sounds and an asteroid field's worth of potential shredding hours. Those blue hyperdrive lights take me to a galaxy far far away. Anyway, do hit up the video and watch the guitar in action, you WILL like it. *waves hand*

Spotted at [ geekisawesome ]


Stop Right There, Criminal Scum Street Flyer of CHOICE

Skyrim leaks out into the real yet again.

Which would you do? Resist arrest? Go to jail? or pay the fine? How about a two-handed greatsword to the kisser?

Nobody breaks the law on my watch.


Nintendo Game Cartridge Body Armor and SNES Sword

Have some leftover SNES game cartridges laying around that you desperately want to find a use for? Well, here you go, craft yourself some body armor and look like the toughest nerd this side of Hyrule. This was spotted at the most recent [ otakon ] held in Baltimore, Maryland which is a celebration of all things anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture. Read on and on and on to see more of this Nintendo Geek Suit in it's full glory.

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It's a Trap (of onions)! The Admiral Ackbar Potato

Turn back on isle 3, the onion force field is still active! OMG nerd humor. THE BEST. Admiral Ackbar you sure make for one sexy potato that I sure would like to peel. ;)

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Larping Just got "Cool" The Knights of Badassdom Trailer

There is only one thing totally and unequivocally wrong with this trailer. Good looking women DO NOT LARP. Not now... not ever.



Ink a Giant Boba Fett Tattoo on Your Leg and Call it Forever

What kind of lady would put a giant Boba Fett Helmut tattoo surrounded by roses on their leg? An awesome one. This piece was made by Josh over at Classy Tattoo Co.

"I have always been a hidden nerd and what way to show my love for Starwars then by getting a sweet portrait of my favourite silent hero Boba Fett. When Josh was interested in doing a star wars tattoo i jumped for the opportunity! We have recently started add on to this piece and will post a photo when its completed!!"

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The Green Lantern Girl Would Make Any Geek Want to Propose

Wait... she KNOWS?! This girl knows how to get to any man's heart, as long as that man is a comic book and star wars geek. All n all, a pretty clever commercial for this site that wants you to love your lady (or your man) for the relaxed person that they are. Also that they are cool with you living off of doritos and energy drinks while hiding in the basement every night rolling dice with your warlock pals.

Let the force come and guide you into buying a ring for your destiny.

Made by [ gotta lock that down ] via [ geeksaresexy ]


Gauntlet Thrown: Wizard Needs Dude Badly

Through many levels of harsh terrain you needed to keep your wizard well fed and alive.  "Wizard Needs Food Badly!" he would scream at you though those arcade machine speakers and if you ran out of time; that could only mean death. Now, it seems that time has passed and this wizard has more of a lust for life. Go on... give him a dude.

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What Happens when you Combine R2D2 and a Tattooed Girl?




LEGO Artist Gets a LEGO Brick Tattoo on his Thumb


LEGO... one of man's greatest inventions. Nathan Sawaya, from The Art of the Brick, decided to get a tattoo on his precious LEGO art building thumb of a LEGO brick. Everyone at the LEGO headquarters just cheered, laughed, cried and possibly shat bricks... LEGO bricks.

"So I work with LEGO bricks every day. Every single day, I snap together bricks. Each day I am pressing down on the bumps of each brick to make sure there is a tight fit. And if I press real hard, the bumps leave little marks on myfingers and thumb." - N. Sawaya

 [ via thedailywh.at ]