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The Great Stack of Hobbit / LOTR Books Eye of Sauron Tower

The great eye sitting upon the Barad-Dûr Box Set reads all.


Jedi Master Yoda as a Wise Old Human Man

Andrea Eusebi has sculpted this awesome and oddly creepy yet familiar version of Yoda as an old human man. Could Grandpa be Yoda? Shit yeah he can! As far as I know my grandpappy was living on Dagobah training Jedi Knights for years... including myself.

[ source ] via [ laughingsquid ]


Another Day, Another Legend of Zelda Tramp Stamp Self Pic

Video game tramp stamps, admittedly are legandary, but this Zelda tattoo screams for a triforce of power that only a wooden sword can master.  Sigh... I am joking, the real things you should be looking at are as follows:

Amazing Spider-man iphone case. The closet. A painting of flowers in a vase. She has 9 fingers. Weird belly button. Chest tattoo that says something I can't read. The fact that you read this far.


Awesomely Detailed Super Mario Bros Glass Pipe

I knew there was a reason to collect all those coins. Check out this hand-blown Mario Bros scene pipe and look for that green "vine" to get you into the clouds.

Note: This is a follow up to the Mario Bros Marbles I posted up a bit back. This masterfully crafted pipe was created by glass blowing artist, Paul Stephan and if you read on, you can see it in full detail.

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Superheroes Lip Art Featuring Batman, Captain America and Superman

Hey ladies (and some gents)... care to paint your lips into a superhero? HECK YEAH.

"Inspired by the recent film The Avengers Jonathan Knowles and make-up artist Celine Nonon joined forces to create this Super lip art beauty trio, featuring Batman, Captain America and Superman."

Read on to see more...

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Custom Star Wars Clone Trooper Stained Glass Window

How would you like to turn your home into a cathedral of Star Wars geek awesomeness one stained glass clone trooper at a time... this custom window was made by AidanT.

Read on and May the 4th be with you.

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Female Nord Warrior Skyrim Cosplay Self Pic Tans My Leather Strips

Hey lady.. meet me on top of the Throat of the World...  I will tell you all about my dragon!


Daleks Chasing a Turtle: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Random Daleks tied to a random turtle (tortoise) were spotted meandering around geek.kon this past weekend and it just might be the most randomly awesome thing you will see all week.

Spotted at [ geeks.tdw ]


Custom Star Wars Galactic Republic Passport for Nerd Travels

Are you a traveler of the known galaxy? Need to get to Tatooine STAT? Then maybe a custom galactic passport is just what you need. For a "mere" $99 you can get your picture and details in a fancy replica passport that will make EVERY woman / man swoon at our feet cause you are SOOOO cool. Ok, maybe people will throw rocks at you instead... but seriously, use the force and deflect them away. Keep reading on young Jedi.

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The Geek Zodiac: I Always Knew I was Godzilla!

Awesome. Finally, we have a Zodiac chart that actually works! For many moons now, I have been chomping through major cities burning, kicking and stepping on every building I can get my Daikaiju hands on... NOW I know why! This nifty little infographic zodiac chart was made by the madman known as Josh Eckert. Lets get to it, what in the hell geekiness are you?

[ source ] via [ geekologie ]


Dodecahedron Platonic Snow Solid Sculpture for Your Geeky Winters

Awesome. Over the course of this winter, I have been seeing mini versions of these around my neighborhood of Cambridge, MA (and, yes... this is my neighborhood). Each time I spot one I say... "that's nice, snow geometry sure is keen" and smile. Lucky, sushiesque was able to snag a picture of one of these awesome snow sculptures for everyone to see and share the joy around. 

If you can't stay away from the snow, turn it into something geeky.

[ flickr source ]


SuicideGirls Comic Book Coming to Your Bedside NightStand

Do you enjoy tatoo'ed nudie ladies being "alternatively sassy"? Sure ya do... why not. Well, now you can see all the suicide girls in prancing around to some sort of fantastical story-line in nerdalicious comic book fashion.

"Suicidegirls pits an awesome gang of beautiful, tattooed, ladies against the deranged leader of a techno-religious cult, with lots of butt-kicking and witty banter."

Hitting the shelves this March from IDW Publishing.

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