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Sick Custom 25th Anniversary MEGA MAN Backlit NES

Believe it. MEGA MAN has been around for 25 (twenty five) whole years. So, in order to celebrate, a couple of crafty fellows made this custom NES that has a built-in backlighting system to give some glow to your foes.

Read on to see more and a video of teh system in action...

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Sick Retro Futuristic NEXTLEVEL Nintendo Artwork

Take a look at these awesome Nintendo designs by illustrator Rik Oostenbroek.


Watch this Cat Being Scared by the Super Mario Jumping Sound

Now, I have no idea how this works, but this extremely orange cat is a bit jittery when it comes to the jumping sound from the NES Super Mario Bros.


Steampunkified Top Loader Nintendo Entertainment System

Andrew5785's nephew wanted his old top loader style nintendo, so he decided to add some steampunk style and gifted it right on over while wearing a monocle and a top hat (I assume).

[ source ] via [ it8bit ]


The Best Duck Hunt Advice Giving Tattoo You Might Ever See

"If you can't duck it. Fuck it."

Best advice you can give to anyone holding a NES zapper or an M4 assault rifle.

"This is my ex’s tattoo that he got right before he went back to Iraq. We had the coolest time that day!" - some GF to some lucky fella.

Via [ fyeahtattoos ]


Oldschool NES Duck Hunt In Real Life

Ever wonder what it would be like if Duck Hunt were to leak out into "the real"? Well sit back and watch this short video of some dude blasting away at ducks with the trusty old Nintendo Zapper.

A special thanks to reader Jeremiah W. for the heads up. Rumor has it that Jeremiah used to be a bullfrog (and a good friend of mine).


Nintendo Game Cartridge Body Armor and SNES Sword

Have some leftover SNES game cartridges laying around that you desperately want to find a use for? Well, here you go, craft yourself some body armor and look like the toughest nerd this side of Hyrule. This was spotted at the most recent [ otakon ] held in Baltimore, Maryland which is a celebration of all things anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture. Read on and on and on to see more of this Nintendo Geek Suit in it's full glory.

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It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take one of These Mini Paper Swords

It is so tempting to take them ALL and totally own the forrest/office/entire world.


Mario Walks in on Some Hot Koopa Love in the Warp Zone

You were about to go down MY green pipe.

[ dorkly ]


Backyard Video Gaming: Real Life Duck Hunt

SoKrispyMedia put this relatively awesome video together where NES Duck Hunt is brought into reality right in the backyard. Grab a shotgun and start blasting down video game ducks. Good job guys, keep on keeping on with these fun projects.

"Eric just playing a little Duck Hunt by Nintendo out in the woods."

[ likecool ] and [ geekologie ]


Pixel Power: SuperCool 8-Bit Nintendo Confetti Pixel Art

Metroid / Bowser

Now you are playing with Pixel Power! These hyper color confetti Nintendo icons sure look cool all blown out and ready for a party. These were made by Zombie Reynolds who apparently knows a thing or two about gaming nostalgia. Read on to see them all.

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NES Super Mario Brothers with Modern Nextgen Sound Effects

Mario sounds pretty burly. This video was actually a part of this dude's demo reel that he used to get a job at a design firm. He tried to charm the company with humor and it worked. Hell, i'd hire him too.

Want more sound awesomeness? Check out this as well.