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Crazy Naked Dude Wildly Rampages in NYC Subway

This man is insane! Hooray for the insane! As you see, he is ready to take off his clothes, yell obscenities and get into fights with random folk around the number 6 train in lovely New York City. The video is a bit crazy, but click on to watch the madness.

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Moss Invaders are Living Space Invaders that you can Poke and Prod

Space Invaders have landed and they are made out of moss ! Here at this installation show in nyc, you can play with the moss and make them say fun stuff. Watch the video on how it's all done. Very fun.

For more info go [ here ]


Manhattan 4.33pm New York Skyline as a Giant Pinball Machine

This super fun video was made from only three photos stitched together into excite.

Found at [ laughingsquid ]


MISSING UNICORN Flyers in New York City Spur Magical Interest

Unicorns are magical creatures that pretty much transcend, well... everything. Thousands of these flyers have been laced throughout New York City and as a result, there have been thousands of phone calls to the hotline listed above. This fun project was started by Camomile Hixon, who is a painter who lives in New York and thinks that unicorns are just the tops. 

The history of unicorns and more info on these magical flyers can be found [ here ]. So, give the number a call, chat them up and tell them all about the unicorn that you caught and ate earlier that day and now all you do is crap out a giant rainbows.

[ missingunicorn.com ]