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Nike Air Max Sneaker Guns

Artist Fil Fury made these awesome Nike Air Max Beretta pistols and Uzi. Do they shoot? No. Can you run in them? No. Do they look badass cool? YES.

[ filfury ]via [ hiconsumption ]


Custom Nike HULK Sneakers Resemble Torn Pants and Green Muscles

Check out these badass custom Nike 'Jaded Hulk' made from modified LeBron X kicks "to mimic David Banner’s torn garments when transforming into his alter ego" by famed shoe artist af1king. Along side, the Iron Man Nike's we will will soon have the entire Avengers team at our feet.

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Nike 'Iron Man' AIR FORCE 1 Downtown Sneakers

Nike is releasing a hot red and gold metallic "Iron Man" Air force 1 sneakers. You can score them for $175 if you are lucky enough to find them. Yeah, I would wear these.

Thanks to Kevin for the sneaky tip.


Did You Roshambo Midas?! Nike Dunks Dunked in 24K Gold

These are actual Nike dunks 'dipped' in 24K gold. They are called "INDULGENCES NO. 5" designed by Kenneth Courtney and if you can figure it out, these sneakers are limited to only 5 pairs. How much do they cost you wonder? My guess would be LOTS.

Thanks to reader Dhiram for the scoop on these golden dunks.

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Iron Man and War Machine Light-Up Custom Nike Dunks

Diversitile has created quite the cool looking pair of Iron Man and War Machine sneakers called "Here to save the day." Not only do they look awesome, but get this... they light up! Simply press down on the tongue and let the glowing action begin. Excellent work good sir.

"Both shoes are layered with armored paneling to make sure you feet are well protected against any villain."

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