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A Miracle of Nature as Dude Finds Ninja Leaf in the Wild

Sometimes nature makes weird / awesome shapes on complete accident. You know... like Jesus on toast, Virgin Mary on a watermelon, naked woman in my bed... you name it. Reddit user freeaccount spotted this "Leaf Ninja" that is the true definition of a miracle. Artist rendition to the right (obviously).

Make sure you read on to see a closeup!

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The Double Bladed Shock Ninja Sword Delivers 8 Million Volts of Electricty

By combining two ninja swords, GreekGadgetGuru figured out how to send 8,800,000 volts of electricity down the blades to not only slice up an attacker, but shock them to bits with the power of Raiden. In order to use the sword, you must wear a special contact glove that restricts the electrical power to the appropriate owner.

Read on to watch a video of  the sword in action...

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Photo Realistic 3D Sexy Lingerie Samurai Woman Warrior

Not only is this sexy samurai awesome as the blade she wields, but get this... it is 100% not a real photo. This incredible computer generated samurai woman called "Flare" is the creation of blackhearted (Gabriel) and we would all like to collectively thank him for the digital efforts. Excellent work on tricking my mind.

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REAL LIFE FIGHT: Ryu Versus Darth Vader with "Ninja" Effects

"Street Fighter warrior Ryu, has a toe to toe with Star Wars legend Darth Vader! Filmed using minimal digital effects and on a LOW budget!"

Ok, just give it a second to get going and you will be impressed. The only thing i wish they did was to treat the hadouken with the same effect (I am sure they could have gotten it down). Other than that, pretty creative work!

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The NINJA GLOCK: The Most Hilariously Powerful Pistol Ever

Holds 1000 rounds, controls and summons typhoons (laser guided), has a grenade storage compartment, secret knife stash, a flashlight more powerful than the sun and much more! Put on your ninja hood, watch the video below and be in awe of it's power.

What can this gun not do?! Beyond incredible.

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Daft Punk Ninjas are Technologic Deadly

Daft Punk [edit] AND Deadmau5 have never been in ninja form until now. ! Techno shuriken ! Entitled: DeadMou5amurai, this is truly an awesome piece of artwork. With all the hype of TRON and Daft Punk, I cannot get enough. Made by doubleleaf.

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Sketch Style Gunman versus Ninja Portal Death Fight 



From the Shadows: Tough and Sexy Ninja Lady