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Muppet Iron Maiden 'Animal Unleashed' is One Rockin' Painting

How badass is this painting of EVERYONE'S favorite drum rocking Muppet, Animal as Iron Maiden. This is a 3'x6' Acrylic on Canvas painting by Augie Pagan and if you got the green, you can buy it for a about $6000.


Savage Darth Maul Acrylic Painting is Vibrantly Impressive

This is one impressively cool painting of Darth Maul looking pretty freakin' tough under a multi-planet starry night. The color sharpness of this piece seems to pop in a way that it is hard to believe that this was made with a paint/air/brush. Created by Joe Jusko.

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The Evil Warriors of HE-MAN Masterfully Digitally Painted

From Skeletor to Beastman, digital artist ornia aka Mattias Fahlberg, has them ALL covered and hot damn, do they look good (even though they are soooo bad). These super awesome "paintings" of the entire crew of HE-MAN baddies are guaranteed to bring you back to those early morning 80s Saturdays wielding the Power Sword and kicking over castle Grayskull totally drunk off Lucky Charms. Make sure you read on to see more.

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Undead Warcraft Rocker Riding a T-Rex on Rocket Tank Shark

I am not sure there are many concepts more badass than having a shark mounted with missiles / giant tank gun being ridden by a tyrannosaurus rex while being mounted by an undead rocker though a sea of lightning bolts. Shit, that was a sentence?

This is a painting done by The Greg Capullo, who claims it is a work in progress. Keep on rocking that paintbrush.


Paint Famous Movie Scenes Right on Your Eyelids!

Eyeseeyou! Katie, if you are reading this, can I request a dueling space fetus vs. HAL from 2001?

Made by [ Katie Alves ] and spotted at [ geekologie ]


Photo Realistic Paintings of Lady Super Hero Body Painting

This is actually a painting of a body painting, by J K B Fletcher of Australia. Pretty amazing work.

[ source ] via [ bloodyloud ]


Shark vs. Narwhal in Epic Sword Lightning Battle

This is a print that you might want to have above your bed to remind you that things can and always will be epic as hell as long as we have sharks, narwhals and lighting bat/skull swords.

SHARK: "It is known that sharks are sweet at jumping out of the water in slow motion and fucking shit up with their massive jaws and razor sharp teeth."

NARWHAL: "Hark! The narwhal! A vicious stabber! A vicious stabber indeed! Thou art a stabber of ice! A stabber of prey! A stabber of sharks who wield swords of enchantment!"

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Top Hat and Monocle Wearing Bear Riding Laser Eyes Abe Lincoln

'The Civil War', by Kanaru92 is a painting that encompasses American badassery.

"A sophisticated bear with a mustache riding Abraham Lincoln with laser eyes into glorious battle."

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Skeletor Saves: Just in Time for Easter Weekend

The 80s have risen from the dead in the form of our savior... SKELETOR! \m/

This was a combo of watercolor / airbrusing and created by Gnargleboy. This piece went up for a charity art show auction entitled 'skeletor saves'.

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Pump up Your Walls with Painted Boomboxes in Disguise

Break out some cardboard. 100 ducats well spent.

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TRON Light Cycle Painted on Velvet

What a cool/weird/oldschool look this has by being painted on velvet. Painting by Bruce White, who has much more cool art for you to see, so go see it.

[ source ] via [ jwz ]


Weirdo Kittens with Four Eyes Kitty Kitty

Adorable and painful to look at, all at the same time. This kitty painting is called "Kitty, Kitty" which can be printed on 11"x14" Matte Heavyweight Paper for a mere $25 [ here ]. Original construction was from watercolor, acrylic and from the brains of Casey Weldon (I assume he has multiple brains).