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Unbelievably Detailed Skyrim Frost Dragon Made from Paper

I am not sure I understand how this was constructed out of paper. The level of detail on this papercrafted frost dragon Viinturuth sculpture is well beyond outstanding. Pro tip: Use fire to defeat this dragon.

Read on to see more pics and prepare to scratch your head with a vorpal blade in amazement.

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Amazingly Realistic Bioshock Infinite Undertow Vigor Papercraft

Yes, this Undertow bottle was made out of paper and part of the bioshock vigor papercraft series created by JouzuMania. That is seriously one awesome tentacle bottle stopper.

"Undertow gives the user the ability to attract and repel adversaries."

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Amazing Life-Size Zelda 'Twilight Princess' Made from Paper


Yes, this is how big Princess Zelda would be in real life. Exactly (actually, I think she would be smaller). She was made piece-by-piece entirely out of PAPER by papercrafter minidelirium.

"She is 170cm tall (5'6''), the upper body is built in 160/g-paper, the skirt in 200/g-paper. she took an incredible 226 HOURS to build"


Impressive Iron Man War Machine 1:6 Scale Statue Made From Paper

Yep, what you see here is War Machine and it is really made from paper. This meticulous contruction also contains a LED in the chest and distributes the light to the eyes and palms using fiber optics. It was built by a man named Charles who knows how to put the war directly into the papercraft machine.

[ source ]


This 7 Foot Tall Papercraft Gundam is Mecha Impressive

Believe it or not, but this giant Gundam warrior you see standing there is really real and really made of out paper. It was made by a man named Taras Leskos who is obviously a pretty efficient graphic designer who likes to work with paper on epic proportions. 750 individual sheets of paper sort of epic.

Read on to see more photos and a video showing it off in its full glory.

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Automated Nyan Papercraft Machine Represents the End of Nyan

The source of this rainbow piece of glorious/magnificent fucking thing can be found [here] while the instructions to build your very own model can be found [here] and it was all found at the luxurious [gamefreaks]. So.... here. The only reason why I care at this point is because ever since I was 3 months old, I have wanted to have sex with a rainbow headlined by a poptart cat.


Sick Casio G-Shock GA-110 PaperCraft Watch

G-Shock watches have accomplished something very awesome over the years. They themselves have become... very awesome. I wear a nice red G-Shock - Protection series and I love it. It tells me what in the hell the moon is doing and it lights up with a flick of the wrist. This papercraft makes me say "thank you" to casino for being that great.

[ source lobulo design ]


PaperCraft Mech Warrior Walker Animation


Mech Warriors, and Papercraft are two of the finer things on planet Earth. J_Hodgie shows you how to take these things and animate them. Very very cool.

"It was inspired by an addiction to the Mech Warrior video games and was originally a birthday gift for someone similarly addicted."

I could easily watch this all day long. Learn how to build one of these super badass papercraft mech walkers by going [ here ]. 


Watch this 4 foot tall Gundam being Made out of Paper


Don't worry.. the video is only 3 minutes long. Hyperspeed giant papercraft Gundam creation. It took 175 pages printed out and glued together forming 500 parts. Crazy... watch on.

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World of Warcraft Gnome PaperCraft