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The Zombie Fighting GatorShark is the Ultimate Nightmare Animal Hybrid

With the body of a gator and the head of a shark, this GATORSHARK by m0ai is destined to destroy the undead and by the looks of it... it WILL.

This is poster art for the upcoming movie Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders. See?


Watch as a Doom Screenshot gets Remastered into Incredible HD

Doom, one of my personal favorite games of all time, has been 'remastered' by artist elemental79 into stunning 3D HD. He took ONE frame of the game and with a little help of photostop he managed to recreate this scene into a rediculously detailed 9,600 x 7,211 image.

Make sure you hit the jump to watch a video of how it was created.

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Shopped Olympic Shark Attacks Are The All The Rage

In case you were wondering what to do with all those photos of Olympic swimmers you were pretending not to be fapping wildly on... now you know. Photoshop them into viscous shark attacks!

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After 30 Glowing Years, We Get a TRON Legacy Latex Girl

July 9th marks the 30th anniversary of TRON. Thirty glowing years that brought us our first look into Flynn's arcade, to it's Legacy and even an animated series.

"On July 9, 1982 -- the original TRON movie made its theatrical debut… forever making an indelible impact on sci-fi cinematic history with its incredible artistry, designs, and visual effects. Pop culture delved into the World of TRON then, and never left -- with TRON's glow permeating everything from movies to television, and music to fashion -- generation after generation. "

The above photo is and was made by tigersgirl.

[ photo source ] via [ lazorz ]


Real Life Bowser and Baby Bowser Spotted in the Wild

Bowser made real. Bowser has always been real. But, the REAL astonishing part of this Bowser spotting is that this is hard proof that Bowser knocked some lucky turtle up. Cigars all around.

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Here, Have it: A Frikkin' Hovering Forest Shark

Sharks living in the woods. Ominous as all hell.

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The Evil Warriors of HE-MAN Masterfully Digitally Painted

From Skeletor to Beastman, digital artist ornia aka Mattias Fahlberg, has them ALL covered and hot damn, do they look good (even though they are soooo bad). These super awesome "paintings" of the entire crew of HE-MAN baddies are guaranteed to bring you back to those early morning 80s Saturdays wielding the Power Sword and kicking over castle Grayskull totally drunk off Lucky Charms. Make sure you read on to see more.

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Geekily Shopped Film Celebrities as Famous Scifi Movie Characters

Marilyn Monroe as Slave Leia? Christopher Walken as Han Solo? How about a Victorian Captain Kirk? Yep, its all here as your favorite film actors have been impressively photo manipulated into your favorite science fiction movie scenes. Read on to see more!

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Vintage LEGO X-MEN Comic Book Cover Art

Rad. Take a withered old x-men comic book and use maya / photoshop to being it into a LEGO mutant world of brick art.

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Marvel vs. Capcom Vs. Your HDTV

It should be noted that a Ryu crafted hadouken ALWAYS wins.

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ATARI Games: A LightCycle Made Logo We All Know and Love

Simple / Cool / Grid

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Kratos Doom: God of War Photoshopped Into All the Games You Love


Kratos is everywhere and now he is invading all of our favorite games in one pretty sick photoshop contest. Read on to check out all of my personal favorites. Yes, they are pretty badass, even Zues Zeus would say so.

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