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Obama Riding a Lion While Brandishing a Lightsaber and Crossbow

What could be more regal than President Obama riding a lion with crossbow and lightsaber in each hand. Wookiee Jedi? This badass design was made by Sharpwriter and if you read on you can see it in much finer detail. Keep riding.

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HYRULOGIC: Daft Punk and Zelda's Link Mashed Up into Awesome Art

Ever wanted to combine Zelda's Link into the electronic greatness of Daft Punk??? Well, DoomCMYK has managed to do it for you.. this is a limited edition print of only 100 copies to be sold and I will have you know, that since I snagged one, it has gone to 99.

Read on... and snag while you can.

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Shark vs. Narwhal in Epic Sword Lightning Battle

This is a print that you might want to have above your bed to remind you that things can and always will be epic as hell as long as we have sharks, narwhals and lighting bat/skull swords.

SHARK: "It is known that sharks are sweet at jumping out of the water in slow motion and fucking shit up with their massive jaws and razor sharp teeth."

NARWHAL: "Hark! The narwhal! A vicious stabber! A vicious stabber indeed! Thou art a stabber of ice! A stabber of prey! A stabber of sharks who wield swords of enchantment!"

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Metallic TRON Art: Circuit Board Kevin Flynn 

Kevin Flynn, aka Jeff Bridges from TRON Legacy in the detail of a circuit board made by Paul Willoughby. This is printed on metallic paper and you can snag one [ here ] if you are so inclined. Far out man.

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Daft Punk is Playing in My Studio Electro-Art Print for Your Walls

Are you lovely gentleman and/or gentlewoman that enjoys the fine beats of Daft Punk while hanging out in the studio? If so, then you should probably put this up on your wall. Created by changethought, who has a pretty nice collection of things to look at that you just might dig.

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"Aliens" Limited Edition Print is Bloody Awesome 

Aliens: They will knock you down, bite you, scream something horrid, rip off your face and then to make it worse, yep you guessed it... spray you down with acid blood. Respect is all you have to battle these beasts, so check out this poster and honor the evil. Only 100 are being crafted and they are going pretty quickly. Kudos to the chef.

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Transformers, Skulls, Stormtrooper, Wolverine, Tiger, Dog Sick Print


This limited edition (only 25 prints) is total badass. 18x24 Metallic gold and black ink and Signed & Numbered by Hydro74.

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Stellar Star Wars Print: Scrap Yard Power Droid


Sick... Jeff Soto, or GONK made this $50 limited edition(only 350 made) 24″ x 36″ screenprint. Sadly, this print is sold out... (yeah... I know.. sucks) but, I did some research and you can bid on one here at ebay. Anyway, if you want more info on this piece, go mondo's blog and wet your lips.

"Mondo is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Lucasfilm LTD for a completely licensed and official STAR WARS poster series"