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R2-D2 Tuna Fish Can Sculpture

This R2-D2 has been made out of what looks like tuna fish cans and maybe canned corn? Beats me, you guess. The sculpture was created for the San Francisco Canstruction, which donates all the cans of food used to make the art to the hungry people of the world. Even Jawas and Rancor monsters you ask? Yes, them too.

[ source ] via [ technabob ]


Glowing R2-D2 Astromech Projector Rave Bot is the Awesome

There are so many glowing things, switches, shiney stuff, wires and beeping knobs mounted into this Astromech called 'Zoe' by Podpadstudios from the UK. Seriously, you need to see this thing in spinning around and blinking up a storm mode.

"Zoe is a bit of a high tec girl with a great deal of onboard gadgets. She has her own router and IP webcam which broadcasts as charity events. She is powered by three 25Amp 12v SLA batteries, two running the 24v drive system and the thrid running the 12v electrics..."

Read on to check out more photos as well as a video of the astromech in action.

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Android ROCK OUT HARD On This Custom R2-D2 Electric Guitar 

Check out this custom built R2 guitar by DOUG who is crazy self-righteous about his work and thinks he is the greatest dude to ever grace the galaxy far far away. Hey DOUG, you've earned it... nice work buddy!

Make sure you hit up the source to see more pictures.

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Massive Slave Leia Moon Spotted Poolside with Portable R2 Unit

Slow news days make for awesome "Slave Leia with an impressive bio-moon and cool handheld R2 unit carrying device" days. Basically, good days on Tattooine AND Earth.

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Motorized LEGO R2-D2 Can Roll Around My Space Cruiser Any Day

Yep, this R2-D2 unit is crafted completely from LEGO and can actually roll around on its own (using electricity mixed with technology).

[ flickr source ] and go [ here ] to technabob for more pics and vid.


Hugely Geeky 8-Foot-Tall R2-D2 Sculpture From Cardboard & Duct Tape

This giant Star Wars R2-D2 geek sculpture was made for the 'Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art' exibit at the Bowman Arts Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. The R2-D2 unit was constructed primarily with cardboard,  aluminum tape highlights and some detailed painting... all which were bound together with the mega-powerful duct tape.

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The R2-D2 Meat Smoker for Your Summer Star Wars Cook-Outs

Oh R2, you have been made into a trash can and now this! A BBQ meat smoker! Hot damn you sure are one popular droid. This unit was built from an old 55 gallon drum, by Philip Wise and is fully ready to smoke any meats this galaxy can throw at it.

[ source ] via [ technabob ]


Custom R2-D2 Garbage Bin in a Neighborhood Far Far Away

"Shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level"

[ source ] via [ geeksaresexy ]


This R2-D2 Groom's Cake is Jaw Droppingly Sweet

Over 2 feet tall (26"), this R2-D2 wedding cake is galactically delicious looking! This "droid who we are looking for" cake was made by The Uncommon Cakery and consists of chocolate cake topped with frosting and fondant details. Unbelievable work. Read on to see more photos. Beep beep whistle!

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Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 Mod Projects Your Games in Geek Style

Have an Xbox 360? Like Star Wars? Then why not mod your system into a cool R2-D2 bot that can project your gaming fun right onto a wall near you. This was made by the owner of Major League Mods, Mark Bongo.

Read on to see more pics and video of this piece of geek badassery in action.

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R2-3P0: Star Wars Android DNA Robotically Awkward Mashup

"Serves drinks to crime lords, and is fluent in over six million forms of communication."

Andriod conception by eyejacker.

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Giant R2-D2 Snowman is One Chilling Droid 

Turn your BURRRRssss into BEEEEEPssss the next time you have to deal with mounds of winter bullshit (shoveling sucks) snow. This awesomely huge R2-D2 snowman would look great on any front lawn, especially your own. Picture was taken in Syracuse, NY.