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Playing a Level of Angry Birds in Real Life is Dangerously Adorbz

Did you know that over 684 Billion people play Angry Birds every day? Yeah, it's totally true. Super awesome photographer Jason Lee has taken it to a new level of fun. Real life angry birds with chucking cute kids into boxes of TNT! Wicked!

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Real Thor's Hammer, Mjöllnir Found in Viking Grave


Thor, son of Odin... also known as the "Thunder God" wields his mighty hammer known as Mjöllnir. This hammer has been found and now with the use of science... explained.

Its called a 'thunderstone' (seen below) and it was unearthed from a Viking grave in Scandinavia that dates back to 1000AD and was said to hold "flaming properties" such as in a flintstone. When these stones were hit on other stones, sparks shot all around and the magical powers sent everyone into a lightning frenzy.

"Long dismissed as accidental additions to Viking graves, prehistoric "thunderstones"—fist-size stone tools resembling the Norse god Thor's hammerhead—were actually purposely placed as good-luck talismans, archaeologists say."

All I know is that if I ever build a time machine... I am going to be a use this knowledge to become a powerful viking God. 

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