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His and Hers Custom Star Wars Rings Say 'I Love you, I know'

Sometimes when you grab your significant other by the ears and say 'I love you' all you want in return is a nerf herding reply of 'I know'. These ultra geeky matching Star Wars rings were custom made by SwankMetalsmithing for Chandra and her best pal in the galaxy(which I hope is me).

"His and Hers sterling silver star wars ring set, Her ring to have the Imperial Cog and Death Star, Death Star to be set with a Ruby and Have the words "I Love You". His Ring to have the Jedi Symbol and the Death Star, Death Star to be set with a sapphire and have the words ' I Know". "


Mario and Peach 'Be My Player Two?' Marriage Proposal 

Nothing says love like a couple of gamers getting hitched the best way they know how. Hope she likes Mario enough to get past that 3 coin chip of a rock there buddy.

Update: This was made by a lady who proposed to her boyfriend. GOOD JOB PAL!

Read on to see more of this cool mario ring box. :)

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It's Dangerous to Go Alone: Take These Zelda Heart Cupcakes!

The one thing I know about romance is that it is VERY dangerous to go at it ALONE. That is the number one cause of hairy palms and vision loss. So, check out these cute/tasty Zelda Red Velvet Hearts that you give to the one you like(love) most. Example: ME.

Begin your quest by unsheathing your wooden sword, reading on and ultimately seeing more of these freakin' Zelda cupcakes...

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Surprise Zombie Attack Wedding Photo Shoot is Brain Eating Romantic

This photo is just a taste of what's to come. This young couple decided to introduce some zombie horror into their wedding photography. Go [ here ] and check them all out. Pretty freakin' awesome idea they got going on there. Jaclyn?!?! Can we stage a zombie attack too?!?! Who am I kidding... you don't have a choice. Not when it comes to zombies.

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Engage! The Star Trek Engagement Ring Marriage Proposal

When Jean Luc Picard says "Engage" you make it so. Congratulations to the lucky girl, where ever you may be in the known and unknown universe. Rings like that can make a man boldly go where no man has gone before. Warp it.


Street Fighter Romance with Chun Li and Cammy in a Sweet Embrace

Even hardcore street fighters have to take a moment and lay a good kiss on each other to say "sorry for kicking your teeth in." Remember, even after brutal battles to the death it's still only a game (no it's not). 

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Early Valentine's Day Geek-Romance Lightsaber Duel Proposal

Wowwa woo waaaa.. That is a pretty nice letter to leave for your love one (if your loved one is a Sith that just happens to be without weapon or robe). Kind of reminds you of the nerf gun battle proposal doesn't it? Regardless, this is a pretty romantic start to any en-lightsabering evening.

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Send Some Geek Love with 8-bit Video Game Valentine's Day Cards

Most of us know that Valentine's Day is one of the more bullshit holidays ever. It is designed purely to make you sad that you are alone on this dark walk through life. But, it is dangerous to go alone... so take this!

8-bit Video Game Valentine's Day cards that you can buy [ here ]. If you are lucky enough to have a partner in crime, they will surely appreciate that which comes straight from the heart... all four and a half of them.

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