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High Tech Dress that Turns Transparent when you are 'Horny'

Thats right, when you are wearing this dress called 'INTIMACY 2.0' that is made from opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people. Meaning, you want to make out. Make out hard.

To be honest... if I were to ever wear such a thing, I am pretty sure you would always be looking at my naked parts. I am totally ok with that.

Read on to see more photos and a video of it in action.

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Mass Effect 3 'Naughty Gamer' Mod Adds Nudity to Your Gaming

Ever wondered why the women in Mass Effect 3 have such mass-ive mammaries? So you can run the 'Naughty Gamer' mod and get your perv-gamer ON with some semi-transparent battle suits. What you see are actual screen shots of in-game footage and if you read on you can see more.

The mod was created by Titandestroyer and he puts it best by saying "As a gaming nerd, like any other gaming nerd, as well as computer nerds in general, I have this immature side, that just want to see nude or semi-nude babes in my games"


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Incredibly Hot Video Game Cosplay by Envy the Decepticon

Meet Envy, she likes to dress up like video game characters and look insanely good while doing so. From a Silent Hill nurse and Bioshock's Little Sister to Pikachu and Poison Ivy this girl brings it. Not convinced? Read on and see... you will be.

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Another Day, Another Legend of Zelda Tramp Stamp Self Pic

Video game tramp stamps, admittedly are legandary, but this Zelda tattoo screams for a triforce of power that only a wooden sword can master.  Sigh... I am joking, the real things you should be looking at are as follows:

Amazing Spider-man iphone case. The closet. A painting of flowers in a vase. She has 9 fingers. Weird belly button. Chest tattoo that says something I can't read. The fact that you read this far.


Finally, Hurdle Jumping Got Interesting: Michelle Jenneke's Sexy Dance

"Michelle Jenneke during the Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012."

The thing is.. GIRL IS FAST.

Thanks to Jason, who in my mind's eye, has a body just like Michelle's.


Force Choke Yourself With Some Lady Darth Vader Body Painting

The Dark Side of the force is strong with this body painted lady spotted at the Solstice Parade 2012 at the Fremont Fair in Seattle, WA. The parade is filled with people who like to ride bicycles in the nude covered in paint and dressed up like Star Wars characters.

Mix that up with space hallucinogens and it sounds like my kinda geek party.

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Steampunk Flamethrower Minigun Girl is Pretty Badass

Take a steampunk minigun, strap on a flamethrower, put it in the hands of an attractive redheaded female and I am certain the results will be nothing short of pure win.

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I'd Rock that Chick: The Pony Girl Rocking Toy for Pervy Adults

Like rocking on pony rockers but you are TOO OLD? Well this girl bent over waiting for a ride pony rocker might be the thing you are looking for. Ya old pervert.

"The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies."

This was a design by Peter Jakubik and sadly it is not for sale. If it was, I would be rocking one right now.


Sexy Boba Fett Bounty Hunting for a Bra Full of Stripper Cash

Sometimes all you need is a cute girl in a Boba Fett helmet with her underwear full of Abe Lincolns and George Washingtons to brighten up your weekend. Lady Fett has to afford her jetpack somehow, right?

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Hot Bounty Hunting: Full Body Painted Lady Boba Fett with Slave Gimp

Hold onto your disintegration guns, it is a super hot lady Boba Fett in full red body paint for YOUR (mine too) enjoyment. The paint job was done by Paul Roustan and the pretty lady you see there is Sarula.

Make sure you read on to watch a cool time lapse video of her getting all painted up and tugging around the gimp (which they like to call Slave1, like the ship.. get it?).

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Well Raid My Tomb, This Lara Croft Cosplay is Kick Ass

We have all seen Tomb Raider's Lara Croft cosplay, but this takes the relic of epic. Who you see here is illyne and she might be the most badass sexy video game realistic Lara I have yet to see (and I have seen way more than I should have). 

Read on to see more of my favorites from the set.

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Cut Out SuperGirl Shirt is Quite Powerful and Heroically Revealing

I think we all now have a much greater appreciation for negative space.

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