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Human Skull Made Out of Compressed Cocaine

Designer drugs used as art. Compressed cocaine skull art! This piece was made by real deal cocaine molded into a human skull with the aid of gelatin.


Crap Some Macabre Skeletons Under This Gnarly Skull Toilet Lid

Going to the bathroom is SACRED. It is the time when you sit there with your pants down around your ankles and get a moment to think about the most important parts of your day (life).

To be honest, most times I am sitting there thinking how in the hell I am going to get six volcano tacos, a few BK stackers, a lobster, a meatball sub, a large pepperoni pizza, about a half a dozen hot dogs, fried clams, rib-eye steak, a salad (j/k) and roughly a pound of cheddar cheese out of that precious little hole that I call an anus.

Geist-art airbrushed this awesome skull toilet lid that simply understands the pains of the modern man.

Read on to see a closeup.

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Super Mario Levels Sculpted on Top of Real Animal Skulls

Geek crafter, Tobias Wüstefeld from Hamburg-Eimsbuttel, Germany sculpted these awesome skulls that have an abridged version of a level from Super Mario Bros built right into the bone.

They will be exhibited at the "8bit Artshow" in September in Berlin.


Badass 'Ghost Rider Style' Skull-Faced Biker Helmet

Check out this toughguy biker from hell wearing a skull helmet spotted at the 5th annual Harley Davidson National Rally in Qian Dao Lake, China. Douse him with gasoline and light him up for some REAL deal ghost rider cosplay. Trust me, everyone will love it.

[ source ] via [ nerdcore ]


CyberPunk Robot Skull is like Combining the Borg with a Predator Trophy

Skulls are nothing short of badass. Robot skulls made from metal, various tubes, a mohawk and a glowing LED eye are pure awesome.

This mixed medium skull was made by horror sculpture artist drakodarksydedesigns.

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Hand Crafted Skull Helmet Mixes the Predator with a Xenomorph

Made from fiberglass, this crazy awesome skull helmet not only looks tough, it IS tough. The helm was crafted by evil mask designer psychopat6666 from Bulgaria and seems to have a Aliens, Predator, Matrix, Mortal Kombat, Skeletor and any number of awesome badasses I can think of. 


Hand Carved Quartz Rock Crystal Saber-Toothed Tiger Skull

Check this super cool one-of-a-kind crystal saber-toothed tiger skull crafted purely out of a chunk of quartz crystal. The beast of a rock cranium is about 7 inches long and when sitting on your bookshelf, it lets people know that you are either hunter or a mythical wizard of saber powers(both).

Bonus Trivia: The saber-toothed tiger was not actually a tiger, but a cat.


Custom Warhammer 40K Servo-Skull Crafted From Medical Skull

Crafted from a medial skull model, this Warhammer 50k servo-skull by Spooky777 is pretty badass awesome and would make for one hell of a living-room scouting companion.

"Servo-skulls are drone-like devices fashioned from human skulls [...] and then given a rudimentary Machine spirit, support systems, and anti-gravity engine to allow them to hover and drift bodiless through the air."


Realistic Battle Damaged Stormtrooper Helmet w/ Visible Bloody Skull

Ever wonder how those Ewoks REALLY killed a stormtrooper. Well, they had to bash the shit of their armor until they got to the precious cloned human inside and then they had to bash the shit out of that.

Sounds about as tiring as trying to get to Endor without a star cruiser if you ask me.

This badass trooper helmet was spotted at the recent London Film and Comic Con.

[ source ]


McDonalds Burger Meat Sculpted into a Life-Sized Mummy

Ben Campell has this great idea... he wants to make a mummy out of old McDonald's hamburger meat and if you look UP, that is the result. Not bad right?


"Conceptually, the reason behind the show is to comically highlight the parallels between Ancient Egypt, McDonald's Food, and Modern Society."

Read on to see some closeups of the meaty mummy and pass some ketsup.

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Giant Iridescent Titan Skull Made from Rainbow Fluorite Crystal

How cool / awesome is this skull? It is made out of fluorite and I wish it was mine. This huge skull weighs over 145lbs and is packed full of colors that only your eye can detect. Photos do no justice. Did I mention that it sold for $3000 bucks? Yep.

"It has a rainbow of colors all over its surface. When putting it under the sun, the light will get through it and be refracted into uncountable particles, which resulte in the glow with amazing colors."

Need to see more photos? Well then, read on!

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Dangerous Bling: AK47 and Skulls Made From Swarovski Crystals

Nicola Bolla, you and I have a great deal in common... a love for skulls and AK47s. This site specific art project was showcased at the Milan Design Week, which ran from April 12th to the 17th of 2011. Each piece was hand-crafted out of hundreds of individual Swarovski crystals which incuded an AK47, skulls, a ribcage, thighbones and chests bones. Need to see more? Read on.

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