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Knees Beware: Chick Builds An Impressively Functional Skyrim Nord Bow

Check out this sick Skyrim Nord bow that not only looks just like the video game weapon, this thing actually shoots! It was built by Lee Camara over at Fev Studios and if you read on you can see more.

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Impressively 'Video Game Realistic' Skyrim Draugr Deathlords Cosplay 

A couple of cosplayers put together these amazing Skyrim Draugr Deathlord costumes that were spotted at the recent dragoncon.


Unbelievably Detailed Skyrim Frost Dragon Made from Paper

I am not sure I understand how this was constructed out of paper. The level of detail on this papercrafted frost dragon Viinturuth sculpture is well beyond outstanding. Pro tip: Use fire to defeat this dragon.

Read on to see more pics and prepare to scratch your head with a vorpal blade in amazement.

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Fantastic Dovahkiin in Full Daedric Armor from Skyrim Cosplay

Almost TOO GOOD. This full Daedric Amor suit was built and worn by zerios88 who is a hobbyist fantasy video game armor and weapons crafter that likes to collect hearts of the Daedra while pounding goblets of Dragonmead.

Make sure you hit the jump and see more of his insanely badass project...

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Micro Dragonborn Helmet Transforms Your Finger Into a Skyrim Warrior

Fus Ro Dah!!!! Turn your finger into a dragon slaying warrior with this micro helmet by Alisa Maskaeva aka Krinna who likes to spend her time making tiny clay polymer jewelry (and battle shouting). The helmet is only one inch wide, but full of pure Dovahkiin toughness.

Read on to see it in "action".

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Epic Skyrim Machinima 'Great Battle Of Dawnguard' is Fan-Made Video Win

Prepare yourself for one hell of a battle completely created in the world of Skyrim. Magic power wizard blasting, demons, vamps, and nords beating the crap out of each other in some seriously sick video game editing. This 15 minute long piece of awesomeness was created by Geo "Tyrannicon" Paradissis. Sit back, eat your morning cold pizza and get your watch on.

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Hey Nice Dragon Takedown! Watch This Skyrim Badass Slaughter All

Looks like Freddie Wong put down the sub-machine guns and picked up a broadsword for some CG slashes and castle storming... Skyrim style.

"I used to be an adventurer like you until I quit listening to quest givers and slaughtered everything that lay before me!"

This post is for Jonathan who likes to seach for Elder Scrolls while drinking bourbon until he is black-out-blind. Leave the keep bro bro, get your ass to Riften and stop collecting all those "vintage" wine bottles!


Dude Makes Awesome IRL Daedric Armor, Refuses to Clean Bedroom

OK, we have all seen some pretty awesome Daedric suits of armor in our times, but instead of a nice outdoors scene with giants and bandits, this character's backdrop of choice was the well lit and ultra powerful... filthy bedroom. Trust me, you will find no prophylactics on that Skyrim cosplayer's floor for a long... long time.

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FUS RO DAH!!!! Bring Some Dragon Shouts to Real Life and Wreck Shop

You've been playing Skyrim for countless hours by now. You've crafted all types of weapons and armor, but most importantly you have your dragon shouts DOWN. What would happen if you took your learned skills outside in the real world where you are suddenly approached by a band of thieves? That's right, you FUS RO DAH them right back to Oblivion. Skyrim style.

From the guys that brought you videos such as Dubstep Guns and The Mini Boss.


Stop Right There, Criminal Scum Street Flyer of CHOICE

Skyrim leaks out into the real yet again.

Which would you do? Resist arrest? Go to jail? or pay the fine? How about a two-handed greatsword to the kisser?

Nobody breaks the law on my watch.