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Relatively Awesome Gold-Toothed Pirate Snow Skull

Arrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! So this Goonies-esque pirate skull with a gold christmas tree ball ornament tooth was apparently made by a dude that looks a bit too much like Sabretooth. Perfect for the suburban backyard deck where you hide all your winter booty / slaves / swords / parrots / captain hats / professor x.

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Creepy Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Dead Hand Snowman'

The Dead Hand is a mini boss from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which is one of our favorite video games ever created and quite possibly one of the creepiest / most horryifying snowman you will see this winter.

This snowman took a couple of fellows about 5 hours to complete until the head was kicked off and awarded the Lens of Truth to some jerk.


End Winter with a Cute AT-AT Imperial Walker Snow Sculpture

From the Castle Grayskull Snow Fort to the platonic solid snow sculpture, snowmen have been righteously impressive this past year. So, to end the winter's bane (I hate you March), let us celebrate with a AT-AT Snowman! Kids with lightsabers not included.

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Snow-Mo Kun is a DoMo Kun Chompy Looking Snowman 

Well, hello there!

Living in the North Easterm section of the United States, I can easily say that we have way too much (god damn) snow than we know what to do with. 

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Holy Crap ! Giant Godzilla Snow Monster that Breathes Fire

"[...] a giant godzilla, "Snowzilla", in our front yard, complete with lights, a home-made cell tower that he's about to destroy and of course a lot of fire power that is shooting out of his giant head, thanks to a home-made flame thrower. "

Well that is a pretty badass snow man godzilla sculpture snow beast flame thrower fire destroyer awesome wow... May I suggest adding a snow Mothra to t he scene?


Giant R2-D2 Snowman is One Chilling Droid 

Turn your BURRRRssss into BEEEEEPssss the next time you have to deal with mounds of winter bullshit (shoveling sucks) snow. This awesomely huge R2-D2 snowman would look great on any front lawn, especially your own. Picture was taken in Syracuse, NY.