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Laser Cut Florescent Acrylic Space Invaders Chess

The good people of NMI laser want to merge 8-bit space invaders with the classic game of chess. They cut each piece with an epilog laser that snaps into the standing base that you can play on the (also) laser etched chess board. Freakin' sick, right?

You can jump on their kickstarter here and get your invading chess game ON.


Interlocking Space Invaders 'Game Over' Chair 

Check out this Space Invaders chair called ' Game Over' by Italian design firm DoKC Lab. What's super cool about these chairs, besides being Space Invaders, is that you put them together from five separate interlocking pieces that are held together without the use of screws, glue or nails... they just fit together perfectly and are ready to accept your coin-op playing ass.

Read on to see more.

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Super Rad Glowing Green Space Invaders Light Installation

Green LED Space Invaders have invaded the streets of Toronto, Canada.

"Yves Caizergues, a lighting designer and gaming enthusiast from Lyon, France, has recreated those most iconic of menacing aliens, the Space Invaders."

Read on to see more and a video of the invaders in action.

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Space Invader Graffiti Wall

This Space Invaders street art wall was spotted at an Open Market, Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Photo by [ tobysx70 ] via [ it8bit ]


World's Smallest Functional Space Invaders Arcade Machine

A Space Invaders arcade mod that stands only 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide might be one of the coolest desktop video gaming gadgets you and I have ever seen. The mini joystick and button were purchased from Digikey.com and integrated into a Game Boy Advanced SP motherboard.  Each of the decals / side graphics were found at arcadeartlibrary.com which were photoshopped then printed to fit the tiny form factor.

Since this actually runs GBA game cartiridges, you can actually play any GBA game that you want on it (which are loaded into the back of the unit). But, lets be honest with ourselves here, the Space Invaders Arcade should ONLY place Space Invaders. The build itself apparently took Victor from Australia months to complete, and we thank him for the effort.

Spotted at [ ohgizmo ]


Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watch is a Coin-Op Wrist Luxury

This Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch would look so slick sitting on your wrist, wouldn't it? Well, you might have to invade a planet to get one. This beauty comes in a "day version" (colorful version you see above)  and a "night version" (with glowing invaders you can see here) each having a limited edition run of 78 and will cost you an estimated $10,000 a pop.

Our beloved invaders came down for there initial attack way back in good ole' 1978 and in celebration of this event, this watch was born. These watches are completely legit and taito, is fully behind there creation. Read on to see close-ups.

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Space Invaders in Real Life Attack Planet Earth, Kinda!

Time to break out that old Atari and save the planet against the evil space invaders like you mean it. For real. Made by Jeremiah, who coincidentally WAS a bullfrog.


Hungry Hungry Alien Eating Space Invaders

Xenomorph om nom nomming on Space Invaders like they are Doritos. Textile art called 'Alien Eats Alien' made by Letter-Q, who has a bunch of cool designs for you to look at if you so shall desire. Blue space invader blood is sick.

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Say Hello to My Little Friend: Scarface vs. Space Invaders

"I kill a space invader for fun, but for a high score, I gonna carve him up real nice."

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The 80s Video Game Pop-Up Book Brings You Back in Paper 3D

The 80s were awesome. From giant pink punk hairdos to coin-up arcade machines where you would spend all your money and time... this little pop up book made by ceyda koc is a colorful exploration of our illustrious childhoods (well, for some of us).

Care to keep on turning pages? Hell yeah you do... read on and see more.

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Moss Invaders are Living Space Invaders that you can Poke and Prod

Space Invaders have landed and they are made out of moss ! Here at this installation show in nyc, you can play with the moss and make them say fun stuff. Watch the video on how it's all done. Very fun.

For more info go [ here ]


Space Invaders Burger Incites Fear via Beefy Hunger

Space Invaders have been invading us since 1978. The great space burger formation just might be the end all attack. Pass the ketsup.

[ everything burger 365 ]