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Sleep Like a Trooper in this Massive AT-AT Walker Lofted Bed

A giant, room-filling AT-AT loft bed that guarantees that your child a spot in the Imperial Forces.  This side of the galaxy, some lucky kid has the awesomest bed... ever. Well, besides the X-Wing Bed, that thing has a TV in it.

Either way, nice work and sleep tight young walker pilot in the making (to be honest, I bet that is made for an adult.. a real creepy old obi wan hermit type).


Father Builds Son an Incredible Moving X-Wing Bed with Cockpit Mounted TV

A long long time ago, in THIS galaxy a father named darthdaddy42 started building the awesomest bed ever made by a human for the luckiest kid ever. The X-Wing BED is finally finished.

What makes it so great? For starters, look at it, that thing is massive! Secondly, the wings can be controlled via remote to close and open into attack mode. Lastly, it has a built in TV and DVD player that you can watch Star Wars on from the cockpit.

Read on my friend and see what you can wish your father made for you...

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