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Vintage Life-Size Boba Fett Action Figure Oil Painting

Mats Gunnarsson enjoys converting vintage toys and comic books into incredibly awesome oil paintings. This badass Boba Fett painting is his latest work and I am a Slave One to it's awesomeness.


Star Wars Goes Pink with this 'Natural X-Wing'

Hey look! It's a pink X-Wing fighter! And it's in the woods! Hooray! This "natural X-wing" was made by Guillaume Renou for some exhibition in France that celebrates nature, and then pumping a few photon torpedoes down it's throat.


Dark Side of the Post: The Darth Vader Mailbox

You don't know the power of the Dark Side (of the postal service). Sensemonkeyboy helped buid this awesome Darth Vader MailBox for a friend that ended up with a helmet door and a lightsaber flag. I am pretty sure once this box gets installed, you will never get a bill again.

Read on to see it in ACTION.

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Iron Man Lightsaber

Jedi Knight Tony Stark

Check out this sick Iron Man style lightsaber build by Makoto Tsai.


Whataburger Ketchup Packet AT-AT Walker

Whataburger ketchup is the new rage in stackable condiments. From spicy to straight up fancy> Apparently, these new ketsup packets can be made into AT-AT walkers by extraordinarily bored employees. Filling out application NOW.

May the boredom be with you.

[ source ] via [ nerdbastards ]


The Rainbow Sith Lord Vader Street Art Stencils

Rainbow Vader? Yep, that's right. Check this awesomely colorful stencil art by Jarbid who, while playing around with [his] favourite colour set, ended up looking far better then [any of us] expected.

Read on to see rainbow maul, fett and a BONUS R2-D2 butt balance!

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DIY Lightsaber Knitting Needles

Are you a knitter? Well then, may the force be with you. Check out these cool LED glowing lightsaber knitting needes that with a little time and engery, you can make yourself. Which, if you are spending your time knitting, I am SURE you have all the time in the world.

[ instructables ] via [ technabob ]


Sushiwoks! Star Wars Ewoks Themed Sushi

Ewok sushi!!! Next time you have yourself a Star Wars party, break out the sushiwoks. The story goes, LydMc needed to bring some food to her three part Star Wars marathon party.  She went with ewoks.

She used black rice, kiwis, pretzel rods, salmon and more to create these cute little furballs you can pop right into your face. Read on to see more.

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The Best Possible Lightsaber Jedi Badonkadonk You Will See Right Now

Lady Jedi Knights seem to get better and better looking. Reason: Glowing keesters.


Landspeeder Stroller Push Car for Your Jedi Kids

Landspeeder baby stroller? Landspeeder shopping cart? Whatever it is, make sure you watch out for Tusken Raiders and prepare to sell it off for a trip to Alderaan (spoiler.. it explodes, go elsewhere).

[ source ] via [ nerdapproved ]


Impressive Star Wars ROTJ Characters Hand Painted on a Star Wars Record

Check out the excellence of Admiral Ackbar, Rancor, Ewok and my favorite cackling little shit Jabba sidekick... Salacious Crumb that have been maticulously painted on the original Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi vinyl by cyclopticspider with water color.

Read on to see some Empire Strikes Back closeups and a BONUS A New Hope painted record.

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Largest LEGO Ever is a Full Scale X-Wing Fighter

Made entirely out of 5,335,200 LEGO bricks that actually make up larger LEGO bricks that make out astoundly huge X-Wing fighter. Gizmodo went out and took some pretty awesome pics of this creation so if go check it out.