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RU KRAZY?! Awesome LEGO Rainbow R2-D2 Build

Oh artoo what color are you?! This time we get a RAINBOW R2 built out of LEGO by monsterbrick. Read on to see more and a bonus evil overlord surprise.

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A Beautifully Detailed Inside Look into a Red Crystal Chamber Lightsaber

Star Wars enthusiasts have been making incredible custom replicas of lightsabers with glowing crystal chambers. This is the Sith blade we have been looking for.

Read on to take a look at the stunning insides of this Jedi weapon that is full of elegant circuit boards and microcontrollers highlighted by a glow of the dark side.

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Star Wars Inspired BDSM Toys: I Spank You Cause I Love You. I Know

Star Wars inspired BDSM Lightsaber flogger and Imperial Sith Paddle for smacking your nerdy butts. So if whipping or getting whipped by your partner in bed crime by BDSM sexy weapons are your thing, check out all of these custom Jedi vs. Sith naked beat down "toys"...

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It's the Star Wars Adult Movie Parody You've Been 'Waiting For'

Smut company Brazzers is making a Star Wars Jedi babe battle adult movie. Lightsabers, force blasting and doing it like a gang of Jawas on an alderaan princess.

Don't worry, there is nothing too unsafe in this video other than the brazzers logo and sexy nerd innuendos.


Star Wars Steampunk AT-ST Chicken Walker Desktop Lamp

Take a look at this kickass 'Steampunk AT-ST Lamp' that is made to sit on your desktop and protect you from wild Ewoks. It was created out of wood, bronze and copper overlays.

"12 V, 20W desk lamp. The configuration follows that of the AT-ST scout walker, and the head resembles the boiler of a steam locomotive."

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Star Wars Episode VII - The Gauntlet of Infinity Movie Poster



Luke Skywalker, THANOS, Spider-Man, Han Solo, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, X-men, Wolverine, Goddamn Slave 1 saves the day in this movie poster rendition of Parks and Recreation's Patton Oswalt and his brilliant Star Wars filibuster.


Predator Kills the Star Wars Universe

Now this is a Star Wars crossover I can get behind. Take Predator and pit him against bounty hunters assembled by Darth Vader himself. This is part one of a series by rhymesyndicate.

"The tagline 'Predator kills the Star Wars universe' is a play on words from Marvel comics' 'Punisher kills the Marvel universe'."


Game of Thrones Lightsaber Battle: Jaime Lannister Vs Brienne of Tarth

Who doesn't love a good Game of Thrones lightsaber battle?! Kick back and watch Jaime Lannister take a beatdown from Brienne of Tarth with the most elegant weapons in the galaxy.


Jabba's Harem 'Slave Padme' as 80s Style Return of the Jedi Action Figure

Bringing Queen Amidala / Padme back into the Return of the Jedi as a scantily clad SLAVE with this custom made action figure and blister pack. Warning for children? I would have this toy into my mouth faster than a laser blast to Greedo's guts.

"he head is from a Padme Amidala action figure and the body and accessories are from a Slave Leia Action figure. The chain & collar have been painted shiny silver."

The figure was made by jvcustoms.

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The LEGO 'KR-KN' Space Octopus Star Wars Destroyer Destroyer

How badass is THIS massive LEGO octopus destroying a Star Wars destroyer. This is the 'KR-KN' built by Iain Heath aka Ochre Jelly for the Emerald City Comicon 2013. He was tired of people criticising the LEGO Super Star Destroyer as a big dull grey set, so he added a giant red space kraken. NICELY done good sir.

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Chewbacca Roar Contest! Husband's Hilarious April Fool's Joke on His Wife

Archz714 decided to play a SOLID joke by posting this flyer around town with his wife's telephone number on it. Call it up... give it a good wookiee roar and see if you can win a cool $100 bucks.

Maybe the best April Fool's joke of the day. I suggest just letting the wookiee win.


The R2-D2 Bra that Lights Up and Makes R2 Beeping Sounds

Someone get me a lady STAT! This painted paper mache twin R2-D2 is loaded with electronics ripped from old R2 toys and is fully operational ONLY when supporting Double-D sized mammary glands. Apparently, when you poke the nips, you get a fun sound effect!

Poke Poke Poke.

Go here to instructables to learn exactly how to make one for yourself (or for the pretty lady accross the hall that you have never actually met or talked to, but I am pretty sure she likes you and wants to watch Star Wars with you all day while listening to heavy metal and eating microwaveable burritos). Oh God, I just described myself.