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Millennium Falcon Turntable for DJing Like a Nerf Herding Scoundrel 

Make the scratch to lightspeed on the Millennium 1200 Falcon turntable mod!

Marco over at picotek design took an old 1977 Millennium Falcon (that was missing parts), gutted it and installed a Techics 1200 turntable.


Geektastic Hand-Painted Batman, PvZ, Walking Dead Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are AWESOME. Someone hides them... YOU hunt them. Crafty Rene-l took some ordinary eggs and individually hand-painted each of them with acrylics/sharpies into Batman, Superman, PvZ Zombies, the Walking Dead Cast, My Little Pony, Star Wars Angry Birds and more!

This is the Easter Egg hunt of epic proportions. Seriously though Rene-l... good work, you painted a TON of awesomely geeky eggs like a PRO.

Read on to see (hunt) them all...

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This Boba Fett Stained Glass is Perfect for the Church of Mandalorian

Praise Boba... praise him. Check out the newest addition to the stained glass collection by mclanesmemories who brought us such awesomeness as the Boba Fett Helmet Lamp.

To the left, natural lighting the Fett. To the right, artificial lighting the Fett.

Just imagine that you had an actual church filled with glowing stained glass panels of bounty hunters. A boy's dream and a geek man's desire.


Star Wars Jurassic Park Mashup: A Long Time Ago in the Making

Who knew that when the commando team, lead by General Han Solo, confronted AT-ATs and AT-STs on the far moon of Endor, that it would match up so well with the trailer for Jurassic Park.

 One Minute Galactica of Slacktory put this A/V treat together that, with some solid editing, turned dinosaurs and the Rebel Alliance into "JurAT-AT Park".

Thanks to i<3chaos for the t-rexheadsup.


Sleep Like a Trooper in this Massive AT-AT Walker Lofted Bed

A giant, room-filling AT-AT loft bed that guarantees that your child a spot in the Imperial Forces.  This side of the galaxy, some lucky kid has the awesomest bed... ever. Well, besides the X-Wing Bed, that thing has a TV in it.

Either way, nice work and sleep tight young walker pilot in the making (to be honest, I bet that is made for an adult.. a real creepy old obi wan hermit type).


Make Yourself This Simple, Yet Very Cool Boba Fett Helmet Lamp

Getting your hands on your own custom Boba Fett lamp can be pricey! So, major league mods made this very awesome helmet lamp that can be built from cheap parts you can find at a thift store (and a RGB Remote LED light bulb easily found at newegg or ebay).

Read on to see more... and build your own.

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Awesome Borg Yoda Tattoo: 'Futile, Resistance is.' 

"The Hive Mind Side of the Force"

This Borg Yoda tattoo was inked by Tara Quinn down in Texas. 


The 1/2 Inch Millennium Falcon Papercraft is MOST Impressive

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid.

If by kid you mean space amoeba, then let's take her to Alderaan! David, Canavese of otherlife art used a mixture of paper and Yoda folding skills to produce this teeny tiny Falcon that is only half an inch in size.

"This Millennium Falcon model is approximately half an inch long (1.27 cm) and is made entirely from paper. It took about eight hours to complete."

[ otherlifeart ] via [ globalgeeknews ]


Snow Jump to Lightspeed in this Custom Millennium Falcon Sled

The one thing snow is good for is SLEDDING. Sean Murray built this awesome 'Millennium Falcon Sled' for his Jedi-in-training daughter. Mind you this sled is built for a Human Dogsled Race where Sean will pull his child around in the old hunk of junk like a wookiee.

"The sled is made entirely of cardboard and mounted to a plastic toboggan underneath."


It's Star Wars Sith Lord Baby! The Emperor Palpatine Utrasound

Someone is having a baby! Hooray! Congrats it's a baby... Emperor Palpatine!?!?!

Hearte42 is having a child capable of destroying planets at will... commander.


Watch a First Person Perspective Lightsaber Battle 'Vader Strikes'

Lightsaber battles are happening in the FIRST PERSON thanks to the 'Stunt People'. They used a GoPro camera to capture the footage and then tweaked it up with some FX to put a bit of a cool spin on a Jedi battle. Pretty awesome right?

Side Note: Last night my computer had this video sitting in a tabbed window, when all of the sudden, the video randomly started playing at 3:30am with sounds of a lightsaber battle at FULL volume. My wife thought someone had broken in and was about to start attacking us with my own saber collection and whimpered as she told me to go fight them off. I, being her Jedi warrior, force-pushed the mute button and went back to bed.

Thanks to obvwin reader Blake Faucette for the Jedi tip and destroying my slumber!


Father Builds Son an Incredible Moving X-Wing Bed with Cockpit Mounted TV

A long long time ago, in THIS galaxy a father named darthdaddy42 started building the awesomest bed ever made by a human for the luckiest kid ever. The X-Wing BED is finally finished.

What makes it so great? For starters, look at it, that thing is massive! Secondly, the wings can be controlled via remote to close and open into attack mode. Lastly, it has a built in TV and DVD player that you can watch Star Wars on from the cockpit.

Read on my friend and see what you can wish your father made for you...

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