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Steampunk Train Locomotive BBQ Grill

Choooo chooooo barrrrr baaaaa Q! Ryazan Deulino crafted up this outstanding steampunk locomotive that really cooks. It weighs in at an amazing 4 tons and can hold as many weiners as you dare jam into it. Kinda sounds exactly like my buddy Hite.

Read on to see a few closeups.

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Star Wars Steampunk AT-ST Chicken Walker Desktop Lamp

Take a look at this kickass 'Steampunk AT-ST Lamp' that is made to sit on your desktop and protect you from wild Ewoks. It was created out of wood, bronze and copper overlays.

"12 V, 20W desk lamp. The configuration follows that of the AT-ST scout walker, and the head resembles the boiler of a steam locomotive."

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Incredible Steampunk Bioshock Infinite PC Computer Case Mod

CodyOdi created this awesome steampunk computer case mod that melds perfectly into the world of Bioshock Infinite. 

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Bioshock Inspired LED Steampunk Bracer of Hooks and Blades

What do you need more than a Bioshock inspired steampunk bracer with interchangable blades? NOTHING, good sir! For added effect, there is a mounted green LED that spins and just plain looks cool.  The hook and straight edge blades are made from aircraft grade aluminum, so you can easily do some damage without tiring out. Made by Skinz-N-Hydez.

Read on to see more and watch a video of the LED lights in action.

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Blatherskite!!! Awesome Steampunk GizmoDuck Sculpture

DuckTales wooohooo! Check out the awesome craftsmanship on this one of a kind, custom STEAMPUNK Gizmoduck aka Fenton Crackshell!

Gizmo was "sculpted from scratch out of super sculpey firm, and plastic rod and tube. Painted with acrylic paint. He stands about 9 inches tall."

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Kickass Glowing Steampunk / Biopunk Wasteland Apocalypse Armor

Steampunk bio freak helmet with shoulder armor that LIGHTS UP. Awesome. This beautiful set has machine parts, metal and plastic tubes, glowing Vials that are full of UV reactive (and non toxic) liquid illuminated by LEDs by TwoHornsUnited.

Want to see it in action? Read on to watch a video, it's even cooler in operation...

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Modified Steampunk Batman NERF Blaster Pistol

There are steampunk blaster pistols and there is the "Holy brass and copper Batman it's a steampunk pistol!" The gun was orginally a Triple Barrel Grapnel, painted up with copper and given the lovingly dangerous power of bat-steam by Nerfenstein.


Do Want: Steampunk Dragon Coffee Table

Dragons and steampunk go together like coffee and tables.

"The dragon has excellent detailing, from the gears, coils and pivots that make up the dragon's Cyborg like body to the faux oxidation on the bronze finished parts. It is hand-painted. The table measures 15 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 35 inches long, with a 1/4 inch thick glass top."

Oh, go ahead and read on to see more of it.

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Finally, Someone Crafted a Taxidermied Steampunk Bobcat

Taxidermied animals are all the rage these days. Taxidermist Phoenix-Cry came across a very poorly tanned bobcat hide where half of the fur had slipped off his face and had some major overall stretch issues. So instead of chucking it out and being wasteful, he got clever, added some classic steampunk flare and totally savaged the beast.

I think we can consider it a taxidermy win.


Spectral Eradicators: Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

I tell ya, around Halloween, there is no shortage of awesome stuff that people craft up for costumes and replicas. This time we have a totally kick ass Ghostbusters Proton Pack made in steampunk style by Grant Wilson who is a man who is NOT afraid to cross the streams. It was designed for his "Spectral Eradicators: Circa 1895" suit and has glowing crystals and ecto-fluid.

Read on to see a closeup of the wand and admire its glowing purple awesomeness...

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Steampunk Predator Helmet

Steampunk technology meets the most badass hunters in the known science fiction universe. Crafted by Skunkworks Props this wearable predator sculpture is nothing short of kick ass awesome.  The helmet itself weighs it at about 2lbs, cast in fiberglass and finished with waxes, airbrushing and metal rubs.

There is more, so read on to see it in full detail.

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Hydraulic Assisted Custom Steampunk Crossbow

Pretty awesome streampunk crafted nerf crossbow by Gabe Genway for when you need to dress up and parade around a highschool football field like some Victorian game hunter.

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