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Pass the Sticks! It's Garupan Battle Tank Sushi!

Eating sushi just got to the battlefield with these awesome piles of edible fish parts made into TANKS. These tanks are being served up at sushi restaurant Kurisakiya. The sushi creations were inspired by anime series Girls Und Panzer (Garupan).


Sushiwoks! Star Wars Ewoks Themed Sushi

Ewok sushi!!! Next time you have yourself a Star Wars party, break out the sushiwoks. The story goes, LydMc needed to bring some food to her three part Star Wars marathon party.  She went with ewoks.

She used black rice, kiwis, pretzel rods, salmon and more to create these cute little furballs you can pop right into your face. Read on to see more.

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DIY Super Mario Bento Box and Impress Hungry Gamer Nerd Friends

Could you eat Mario's face with some chopsticks and a ton of goomba juice? YES, I bet his mustache tastes like a Peach. Minicuteclub crafted up this and even shows you how to make him!

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These Star Wars Sushi Carvings Look Galactically Delicious

Star Wars and Sushi together at last! Thank the maker! Japanese sushi chef, Okitsugu Kado sits back with his vegetable cutting tools, carrots, white radish, sweet potato, Kyo-potato, radish, even pumpkin and crafts each of these super geeky pieces together for his crazy lucky clientele to enjoy.  

Most of his sculptures take hours at a time to create and end up on display rather than being eaten. Okitsugu claims to be a huge Star Wars fan is is even a part of the Jedi Order and I believe him completely. Want to see more? Sure you do! Read on.

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Awesomely Designed Spider Maki - tip of the hat to the chef