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Yes, This is a Taco Cannon That Launches Delicious TACOS

Behold: The Taco Cannon! and I daresay... FINALLY. This actually fires real edible tacos into the air with the power of pressurized CO2. The 750lb taco gun was built by Torchy's Tacos for the FUN FUN FUN fest in Austin, TX this Nov 2,3,4 and shoots out 12 chambers of tacos in succession into the faces of starving humans.

Read on to watch hungry taco fiends nab tacos from the cannon and cheer.

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Bacon Taco Shell Bacon Taco is a Taco of Awesome

Best idea EVER: Use bacon as a taco shell and then stuff it full of delicious taco innards and more bacon. This is almost as good as the Nacho Cheese Meat Burrito Pizza Taco.

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Japan Meets Mexico with a Cup Noodle Tacos Flavored Ramen

Life just got BETTER the moment you laid your eyes on this marvel of human food engineering. Let us sit back and reflect on the gargantuan amounts of ramen that ALL of our bodies have injested. That's right... TONS. With the advent of combining taco flavoring to the mix, my face/gut is willing to accept TONS more.  

Make sure you read on to see closeups and prepare yourself to experience cheap microwavable delight at it's purest.

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Nacho Doritos Flavored Taco Shells Coming to Taco Bell 

Taco Bell is testing a new taco shell that they are calling the "Doritos Locos Taco" which is basically ground up nacho cheese Doritos shaped into a mexican meat holder.The taco you see here was spotted in Toledo, Ohio (of course it was) and if all goes as planned, they will be added to the menu for mass consumption. There has been a movement to make this happen for some time now, and it looks like it will become reality. Still, the Nacho Cheese Meat Burrito Pizza Taco ( <-- look ) is the best invention ever.

Click on to watch some dude eat one and talk about the taco bell dorito goodness.

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The Awesome Nacho Cheese Meat Burrito Pizza Taco

Here at Obvious Winner, food is important. Almost... too important. This here is a Nacho Cheese Burrito Pizza Taco that will completely satisfy your hunger needs. Most importantly though, it's easy, cheap, beyond delicious and made by your very own Obvious Winner writer.

Combining a Celeste Pizza, Tina's Burrito, hot nacho cheese and a whole lot of love... say goodbye to your good health. Want to know how to make this? Click on and find out!!!

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