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It's Like Magic! Playing Fruit Ninja on a Water Vapor Floating Touchscreen

Called "The Displair" this new water vapor technology lets you play video games like a wizard with a steamy caldron. What you think? Cool? Neato? A super fancy hand washer? Either way, it sure is a pretty awesome humidifier. And yes... it can display naked ladies. THANK GOD.


We Are But a Respectable Speck On the Great Internet Map

This here is a map of the internet... well.. a map of the most popular 350,000 websites, 196 countries, all domain zones and how they coincide with each other.

To draw an analogy from classical physics, one may say that websites are electrically charged bodies, while links between them are springs. Springs pull similar websites together, and the charge does not let the bodies adjoin and pushes websites apart if there is no link between them.

[ map it ]


I Would Never Stop Walking on this Awesome Digital Rug

It changes patterns as you walk on it! The amount of awesome visuals you would be able to create on this type of technology would keep me walking to no end. Examples: Lunar lava flow, electricity, giant lightsaber power up, naked things, woodland critters, explosions.


Behold: A Wearable Rainbow Video Coat of Psychedelic Proportions

The wearable LED television has gone trippy as a wearable rainbow! The 1000 LED jacket itself is jam-packed with "technology" that took about 6 months to build and cost around $20,000. I can't wait (and I hope it will become) for this to be an entire suit from head-to-toe.

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Could this be the First Ever Animated Tattoo

"On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and influenced the tattoo."


Fun with Magnetic Balls Might Be More Fun Than You Could Imagine

Go get yourself a giant scrapyard magnet, a box of colored balls (yes, those balls you used to jump into and take a pee), add some mysterious technology and watch the magic happen. OR, maybe this is all After Effects "magic" and none of this happened at all. You choose!


Campbell's Soup Wireless Cooking in it's Own Container


Soup has finally achieved 'self-achieving'. Using eCoupled technology, you can set this "can" of soup on a wireless platform and let it do it's thing. Pretty cool idea to have your countertops ready to cook things with ease. Cause everyone knows how hard it is to move it a few feet into a microwave and then press those dastardly buttons.

Regardless, the company, Fulton Innovation, really wants to remove pesky wires and cables from our everyday lives; most of us would like to thank them for the effort.

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Fluid Dress Would Look Cool on Anyone

"This is a video of the fluid dress I (this guy) made. It's 600 ft. of knitted tubing powered by a pump located in the backpack."

[ casualprofanity.com ]


Draw on LEDs with LASERS... it is like MAGIC Lite-Brite

How fun... I love how after you draw, you tilt your LED artwork off the panel. Very Cool Stuff. 


Large Hadron Collider Back Smashing Protons in Style

A tip of the hat to you Large Hadron Collider, for getting back into the action.

Bring on the awesomeness of the big bang.