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Custom TRON Nintendo 64 is Glowingly Outstanding

This just TRON N64 looks straight up awesome. It was hand-crafted by Zoran with the use of luminous paint that gives it a fantastic / sick TRON effect.

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TRON x Grumpy Cat x Boba Fett

Combining our favorite Mandalorian, TRON and the ever disapproving Tard, this mashup is perfectly ridiculous by heroforpain. Bounty hunt? NO.

"This Boba Fett and his companion Grumpy Cat. Fett has armed himself with as many canons and armor as possible, The top two are controlled by Grumpy cat. These two are basically a two man wrecking crew."


Glowingly Cool TRON Identity Disc Concept Watch Designs

How damn sexy are these TRON watch concepts by watch design enthusiast Alexander Morgan. Glowing discs of time captured within a glowing disc of MORE time that lets the user keep track of exactly how long they have been lounging on the grid drinking at the end of line bar. Admit it, that program was pretty good looking and she loved your bits.

Read on to see a video of how the design was created, step-by-step.

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TRON vs. Darth Vader Fan Art is Off the Grid

Now that we all have had some time to digest Disney buying Lucas Arts, how do you think a battle between Darth Vader and TRON would look? Something like this.


Meet the TRON Suit 'Tablet Man' Who Collects Wishes

This is Tablet Man "The Future You". Noticeably, this suit has a TRON feel to it and is covered with functional Toshiba tablets. In order to survive in a world dominated by iPads, Toshiba had to do something to compete in the market and this is their modern superhero answer.

He is wearing a dozen screens and has a mission of collecting stories/wishes from poor people without tablets of their own.

Read on to see more photos and a couple of videos of this guy in action.

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Slap Shot My Data Puck: TRON Designed Ice Hockey Helmet

Next time you lace up and get your ass out on the ice, how about you look like TRON while you high stick your opponents right off the grid. This helmet design was created by Baron Graphics.


Iron Man / War Machine TRON Lightcycle Concept Designs

Check out these sick TRON lightcycles designed by Stark Industries.


YES YES YES: The TRON Electric Guitar and It Glows Blue! 

I would rock out to TRON. I would rock out to TRON so hard. Vector riffs and energy power chords that would derez your fukin' face off. \m/

This custom built TRON inspired guitar was created by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

"A pair of Gibson humbuckers provide iconic analog warmth which is easily quickly transformed by the recessed XY Midipad and further augmented by the onboard Ghost MIDI interface system, an incredible array of tones and effects at your fingertips!"

Read on to see MORE.

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After 30 Glowing Years, We Get a TRON Legacy Latex Girl

July 9th marks the 30th anniversary of TRON. Thirty glowing years that brought us our first look into Flynn's arcade, to it's Legacy and even an animated series.

"On July 9, 1982 -- the original TRON movie made its theatrical debut… forever making an indelible impact on sci-fi cinematic history with its incredible artistry, designs, and visual effects. Pop culture delved into the World of TRON then, and never left -- with TRON's glow permeating everything from movies to television, and music to fashion -- generation after generation. "

The above photo is and was made by tigersgirl.

[ photo source ] via [ lazorz ]


Custom Twin Turbo TRON Drag Racing Camaro

Team Turbo Legacy had this custom 750HP Chevy Camaro TRON Legacy wrap job for their exotic car show on the west coast. The wrap was made by SS Customs slapped on this sick ride specifically built for drag racing.

Want more? Sure you do... read on and get more including a video of this beast purring.

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Custom Glow in the Dark TRON Glass Pipe Bubbler

Are you ready to get rezzed to the freakin' grid man?! Might as well take a toke from this glow in the dark TRON designed glass pipe made by Berzerker. Apparently, it was created for some lucky dude named Abe and if you read on you can check out more photos that will make you want to challenge Abe to a lightcycle duel to the end of line.

Obviously, claiming said pipe for your own MCP ways.

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Lady TRON Grim Reaper Art is One Sexy Messenger of Deresolution

Ever wondered what a grim reaper would look like in the TRON world? Well, wonder no more. This energy platform wearing, scythe swinging, purple glowing angel of death was conceptualized by digital artist Niconoff.