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Glowingly Cool TRON Identity Disc Concept Watch Designs

How damn sexy are these TRON watch concepts by watch design enthusiast Alexander Morgan. Glowing discs of time captured within a glowing disc of MORE time that lets the user keep track of exactly how long they have been lounging on the grid drinking at the end of line bar. Admit it, that program was pretty good looking and she loved your bits.

Read on to see a video of how the design was created, step-by-step.

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TRON vs. Darth Vader Fan Art is Off the Grid

Now that we all have had some time to digest Disney buying Lucas Arts, how do you think a battle between Darth Vader and TRON would look? Something like this.


Custom Twin Turbo TRON Drag Racing Camaro

Team Turbo Legacy had this custom 750HP Chevy Camaro TRON Legacy wrap job for their exotic car show on the west coast. The wrap was made by SS Customs slapped on this sick ride specifically built for drag racing.

Want more? Sure you do... read on and get more including a video of this beast purring.

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TRON Led Zeppelin vs. Pretty Lights Music Video Mashup

OK, first off this song is pretty badass and then mixed in with a pretty awesome TRON Legacy edit for your viewing pleasure, it is pretty much a win. Dazed and confused for so long.

Spotted at [ iheartchaos ]


Aerosol Mural: TRON Legacy Time Lapse 3D Graffiti

End of the Line, in association with Distillery Productions and Toby Summerskill, have filmed the first 3D Graffiti Time-lapse. Created to document the production of a painted promo for Disney’s Tron: Legacy this is the final 2D edit.

This was filmed over the course of 4 days and on the rooftops of London and in a warehouse in Shoreditch. How this mural seems to transform into awesome tron scenes is so unbelievably sick. End of line.

[ end of the line ] spotted at [ geeksaresexy ]


Fan Made Daft Punk TRON Music Video is Mesmerizingly Cool

Track: Derezzed from the TRON Legacy Soundtrack performed by Daft Punk.

Music video directed and animated by Arnaud Faure, and he did it all out of respect.


The TRON Legacy House at Milan Design Week 2011

The TRON house is a digital-dwelling that is pure glowing awesomeness. Each room was designed by a different Italian designer for Milan Design Week that runs from April 12 to the 17th in Italy.

"Disney has teamed up with the DuPont chemical company to design a house made out of Corian, a DuPont-made compound that can be molded into any shape; take a bunch of sleek, minimalist white Corian, wire in some LED lighting and voilà -- they've created a digital pad that would be prime real-estate in the Grid." - moviefone

Read on to see more pics of the TRON house

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TRON Legacy Blu-Ray Collectable Package With Original TRON

Must have + need. The Ultimate TRON Experience, I hope, is soon to be released into my living room. It is a 5 disc set, consisting of the 3D, standard HD, DVD, Digital Copy and the original 1982 classic on Blu-Ray, and it all comes in a glowing TRON disc stand.

The release date has still not been released. But when I know, you will know. ;)

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Glowing TRON Legacy Audi R8

This is the TRON Legacy themed Audi R8 and holy balls it is slick as hell. What you see here was tricked out by West Coast Customs and sponsored by Monster Cable. Obviously, read on for more photos of this ride looking all glowing and shining chrome cool.

ALSO, as a side note the TRON and TRON Legacy Blu-Ray release date is mid-April 2011.

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Tron Legacy in Glorious 8-Bit Display Technology



Obvious Win: TRON Legacy Review

A few minutes ago, I finished watching TRON in IMAX 3D. As most of you know, your humble Obvious Winner writer and friend is a huge fan of the original TRON film. Of course, I will have a certain level of bias, but I am going to assume that since you have read this far, you will appreciate that. I am 100% correct and accurate in every statement I am about to make. I am trying my best to not spoil. Read on...

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New TRON Legacy Trailer Version 3 Excites my Excitement

ZOMG yes.