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Fresh Looking TRON Light Cycle Alternate Designs Are The Win

Recently a TRON Light Cycle Design Contest wrapped up over on sidequesting.com and the results are in! Just keep clicking/scrolling down the page to see all of the winners and some runners ups.

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Custom TRON Light Cycle Board Game is Glowingly LED Cool

TRON the Board Game is built from two pieces of smoked acrylic which were laser etched fashioned with blacklight-reactive paint for glowing effects. The light trails are made out of  fluorescent orange and blue acrylic which follow behind the store bought TRON toys.

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The TRON Legacy House at Milan Design Week 2011

The TRON house is a digital-dwelling that is pure glowing awesomeness. Each room was designed by a different Italian designer for Milan Design Week that runs from April 12 to the 17th in Italy.

"Disney has teamed up with the DuPont chemical company to design a house made out of Corian, a DuPont-made compound that can be molded into any shape; take a bunch of sleek, minimalist white Corian, wire in some LED lighting and voilà -- they've created a digital pad that would be prime real-estate in the Grid." - moviefone

Read on to see more pics of the TRON house

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Flynn Lives: TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Wets Your Griddy Lips


"The first of the 2 fabled TR3N (TRON 3) teaser videos. This one is titled "The Next Day", and is an official exclusive extra from the TRON: Legacy Blu-Ray."

More Lightcycles, Recognizers, Light Tanks, Jets? Oh my. This is one long "teaser," so it is perfect for wasting away your Monday morning with your coffee and doughnut(s). Note: I want that Space Paranoids poster at about 3 minutes in. Enjoy.

Found at [ nerdbastards ]


Glowing CG Cartoon TRON Uprising Animated Series Trailer

Disney XD is releasing a cartoon series based on the TRON universe for the summer of 2012. The story takes place right between the original 1982 TRON and the most recent 2010 TRON Legacy, and you guessed it, there will be an uprising. The visuals of this trailer look pretty tight and I admit that I am excited to see how this all unfolds. I hope its better than this, but I wont hold my breath.

Briefly: "Produced by Disney Television Animation, the series follows Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of "The Grid". His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous CLU and his henchman General Tesler."

Found at [ toplessrobot ] as we both share the same irrational obsession with all things TRON.


TRON Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D: The TRON Daft Punk Soundtrack Remixed


The TRON soundtrack is being remixed with a slew of noted entities of the music industry such as M83... The Crystal Method, and more. Admittedly, as much as I liked the Daft Punk TRON soundtrack, I kind of wished it was a bit more exciting and at times was able to deliver the gold, the supreme audio magnificence electro-gold that I desperately need. Might this be it?

Read on for the full track listing.

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ATARI Games: A LightCycle Made Logo We All Know and Love

Simple / Cool / Grid

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TRON CAT Brings Digital Catnip to the Grid

This is one of the better TRONizations I have seen. TRON CAT.

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TRON Inspired Glowing Memory Disc RING Lamp

This is the stuff I have been waiting for. Slick, well built, TRON inspired glowing awesomeness for my daily use. I can only hope that one day this TRON Lamp will rocking my desk / grid.

"The lamp uses bioluminescent polymers to emit light; the power is transferred via brush contacts to the outer copper ring."

Read on for more pics.

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Oh My Gridness: Cute Quorra TRON Pin-up

Quorra, you nimble little ISO... You should be tacked-up on every wall available. On grid or off.

[ source ] via [ superpunch ]


A Visual History of Daft Punk's Helmets

Everything you need to know about the evolution of Daft Punk's skull buckets. Personally, I still love the Discovery era best.

[ source ] via [ buzzfeed ]


Street Fighter TRON is Ultra Colorful and Super Badass

Street Fighter + TRON = massively cool. These beauties were made by Bosslogic, and he sure did a hell of a job. I admit, I really do like seeing TRON versions of everything, yes, everything. So, read on and see more Street Fighter characters looking TRON tough.

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