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Massive Mechanical T-REX 'Living' on Australian PGA Golf Course 

The Palmer Coolum Resort down-under in Australia just got UPGRADED to the Jurassic with the new addition of this 26 foot tall mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex that now stand between the 10th tee and 9th green. When a golfer approaches the dino, it whips is tail and roars at them like the freakin' King that he is.

"The T-rex is nicknamed "Jeff" and is activated by movement. Golfers playing social rounds recently have taken "dinosaur mulligans" when the roar occurs during a backswing on the 10th tee."


Will Construct Millions of These: The Tyrannosaurus Walnut

The great T-rex has come in many forms, but now you can make this dinosaur out of a walnut.

Read on for a BONUS: Dino girl with a dot on her butt.

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Warm Your Home with a Metal T-Rex Skeleton Radiator

Radiators are ugly iron beasts. Clanking, hissing and telling every rodent in the neighborhood to come right on it where it's warm!  Make one into a dinosaur and I will curl up and bathe in it's t-rex heating goodness. It's time that someone solved the radiator problem!

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The Knee Slapping Awesome Wisdom of 'Maurice the T-Rex'

 Maurice the T-Rex can bring you back to the prehistoric age of humor.

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A Most Awesome Metal Crafted T-REX Dinosaur Sculpture

Now this is one cretaceously awesome metal "tyrant lizard" dinosaur by artist Andrew Chase. It was hand-sculpted "...primarily out of recycled transmission parts, conduit, plumbing pipe and unidentifiable widgets found in industrial salvage yards." All welded together into a burly prehistoric beast.

The tyrannosaurus rex you see here is about 6 feet long and stands an impressive 2 feet high giving it an overall weight of 40 pounds of badass. Read on to see it in it's full glory.

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Holy Jurassic Batman! It's a Batman T-Rex Statue in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA has been selected as Christopher Nolan's next filming location for 'The Dark Knight Rises' and in celebration the Art Institute of Pittsburgh decided to dress up their beloved tyrannosaurus rex statue as Batman. Makes perfect sense! I think.

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