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Laser Cut Florescent Acrylic Space Invaders Chess

The good people of NMI laser want to merge 8-bit space invaders with the classic game of chess. They cut each piece with an epilog laser that snaps into the standing base that you can play on the (also) laser etched chess board. Freakin' sick, right?

You can jump on their kickstarter here and get your invading chess game ON.


Blastoise vs. Charizard Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Line up those red and white cups, cause you gotta drink them all!

Blastoise vs. Charizard on dueling gameboy pokemon tables.


The 8-Bit Pale Ale Paper Rocket Puppet Video Game 8-Bit Video

Ok, remember just a few moments ago, I posted about the new 8-bit pale ale? Well, they decided to hook me up! So... in the spirit of hooking up (with some potential up-skirt and under the blouse action) I want to FORCE you to watch their, actually quite awesome, little video created by Spencer Lott. Now you know... I will do anything for beer.

So, kick back and watch this whimsical little video of a paper video game dude trying to make his way to rocket beer. I would kill pacman for beer.


Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition is Really Coming

Capcom and USAopoly are working together to bring us Monopoly Street Fighter! As some of you know, video game crossovers are nothing new, but the idea of getting a chance card that could possibly HADOUKEN the opponent player to jail while blasting right past GO sounds quite exhilarating. Sorry Blanka my old pal, no $200 for you.

Apparently, the designers of the game are having some difficulty narrowing down to which characters gets made into game pieces. (Vote: E.Honda) So, if you go [ here ] you can cast your vote and decide some board game fate.

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Daft Punk / TRON Forza Motorsport Custom Paint Job

Forza Motorsport 4 allows for some seriously kick ass custom car skinning which brings us a sincerely sick rendering of this technologically automotive awesomeness. The design was a colaboration between b8design and MOVINGshadow77 that showcases a supercool TRON / Daft Punk car design. If you are speedy enough, read on to see more.

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Wacko Jacko Claims to be The World's Oldest Battlefield Player at 66

"At one point, our squad-buddy Wacko Jacko had a confession to make. 
At 66 years old, he claims he's the oldest Battlefield Bad Company 2 player in the world. And he's looking for friends! "

He loves gardening, his boat, but at night he loves to sit at his ps3 and rock battlefield and kill away with the best of them (submachine gun in hand). Sounds like quite the gentleman.


Win by Doing Lines As PAC-MAN Sheen: The Video Game

Doing lines and blowing ghosts. Sheen: The Video game.

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Playing a Level of Angry Birds in Real Life is Dangerously Adorbz

Did you know that over 684 Billion people play Angry Birds every day? Yeah, it's totally true. Super awesome photographer Jason Lee has taken it to a new level of fun. Real life angry birds with chucking cute kids into boxes of TNT! Wicked!

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Video Game Characters Infinite Treadmill Workout Animation

It' 2011, even the video game characters we know and love have to shed some of the holiday pounds. Watch out for the bandit!


TRON Recognizer Space Invader 

Keeping the newschool oldschool and as real as it gets. Made by [ pacalin ] who continues to give the world severely awesome geeky designs.

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TRON Collector's Edition Video Game Comes with Light-up Cycle


It will also cost about 130 George Washingtons.. But, it is TRON and TRON is worth every penny. I swear, if this pulls a Star Wars e.1/2/3 on me. I don't think I will be able to refrain from crying.

It's said to release early December. 

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A Collection of Video Game Inspired Cocktails

Sonic the HedgeHog Cocktail

Summer time is freakin' balls sweatin' hot.  Now, I ask you... what are we all doing to beat the summer heat? Thats right... playing video games and drinking HEAVILY. The good people over at The Drunken Moogle [ thedrunkenmoogle.com ]  know this and have taken all the video games we love and converted them into cocktails. Perfect.

So, I have taken the liberty of trolling their site and selecting some of the best. Click on and see them all.

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