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Asian Supermarket that Sells Mega Man 'MEGA' Ground Meat

Pork Cut Man vs. Beef Mega Man

Currently at the uwajimaya supermarket in Seattle, WA, the Doctor Light of butchers has been crafting up "Mega" ground beef


Bioshock Inspired LED Steampunk Bracer of Hooks and Blades

What do you need more than a Bioshock inspired steampunk bracer with interchangable blades? NOTHING, good sir! For added effect, there is a mounted green LED that spins and just plain looks cool.  The hook and straight edge blades are made from aircraft grade aluminum, so you can easily do some damage without tiring out. Made by Skinz-N-Hydez.

Read on to see more and watch a video of the LED lights in action.

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Giant 3D Mario Sculpture Made out of Canned Food

Check out the impressive can stacking abilities found in the South Center Mall in Calgary, Canada. It's a-me canned-mario

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Super Mario's Magic Mushrooms Found at Grocery Store

How would you like to find this box of mario's magic mushrooms mixed in with the real mushrooms at the local grocery store?!?! I would eat them ALL and get HUGE(R).

These awesome magic mushrooms were added to the mix by street artist and character designer, Aiden Glynn.

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It's Going to be a Dino! Dude Paints Yoshi on Wife's Pregnant Belly

Who wouldn't want to hatch a little Yoshi instead of another run-of-the-mill human. Apparently, this dude picked up some paint and got super mario artsy on his wife transforming her baby baker into a hatching Yoshi egg. GOOD WORK YOU TWO. 


Entire Super Mario Bros Level On One Expensively Geeky Leather Belt

Now you can hold your britches up with an entire level of your choice carved onto a leather belt. Each belt is painstakingly created by hand over weeks of time, which TOTALLY justifies it's $400 price tag. So, feel free to buy me one and I will wear it without pants just for you.


The Glitch: When Things Go Oddly Wrong in the World of Video Games

"A malevolent glitch threatens to destroy all videogames"


Chrono Trigger Wall Art Made From 47,096 Individual Beads

Chrono Trigger is without a doubt one of the best video games ever created. I could easily hang out at the Millennial Fair guzzling soda and hammering that bell ALL day long with my little cat friend.  Tannon and his girlfriend were fully aware of this FACT and decided to create a tribute wall mural out of 47 THOUSANDS beads and it took them two entire years to do it.

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Playable MYST as a Real Hardcover Book

Oh MYST... how many hours did the nerds of this lowly planet spend searching within your interesting little island? This clever book has a built in screen and hidden computer parts that runs WinXP in which gives you the sentimental powers to relive the game in an old-timey novel form. Want to see more? Read on my friend...

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Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Pipe Electrical Breaker Box

Spotted in Cork, Ireland, this electrical box has been altered into the awesomeness of a Mario Bros Pipe.


Half-life Parasitoid Headcrab Cupcakes Sure Look Bloody Sweet

Cupcakes that can potentially penetrate your skull and screw around with your brains.


"The cupcake is white cake (with parchment paper because [Liz] couldn’t find the cupcake liners) and cream cheese frosting! The headcrab itself is a marshmallow that [Liz] re-shaped and covered in fondant, painted with food coloring."

These cool/cute/gnarly Half-Life inspired headcrab cupcakes were made by artistic-aviary aka Liz.


Awesomely Detailed Super Mario Bros Glass Pipe

I knew there was a reason to collect all those coins. Check out this hand-blown Mario Bros scene pipe and look for that green "vine" to get you into the clouds.

Note: This is a follow up to the Mario Bros Marbles I posted up a bit back. This masterfully crafted pipe was created by glass blowing artist, Paul Stephan and if you read on, you can see it in full detail.

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