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Wide Angle POV Camera Mounted on Fireworks!

Just in time for the 4th of July. Sit back, pound some beers from the cooler and experience what fireworks experience.

Spotted at [ nerdcore


Amazing Slow Motion Bottom Slap... Now with Jiggity Glitter!

Lola provided the butt which took the glitter-filled-hand ass slap like a champ!

"In this test we were using a Vision Research Phantom HD slow motion camera shooting to a 120 gig ram stack at 1000frames per second, the lens was a 35mm Carl Zeiss Planar T* wide open. "


Sit Back and Watch The Ultimax 100 Machine Gun Destroy Stuff

The Ultimax 100 machine gun is made in Singapore, watch it wreck shop in mother Russia. Wait a minute, did you (FPSRussia) just shoot a machine gun behind your back? YES.


The Archiver: A Mesmerizingly Cool Sci-Fi Space Journey

"A pilot, travelling through space, returns from a mission..."


Spotted at [ geeksaresexy ]


My Little Pony Fuck Shit Stack

Where my gerunds at... You take some shit, put it up on the wall, check it out for a while... fuck shit stack...  as most of you remember the original video/song by Reggie Watts.

Spotted at [ nerdcore ]


Fun with Magnetic Balls Might Be More Fun Than You Could Imagine

Go get yourself a giant scrapyard magnet, a box of colored balls (yes, those balls you used to jump into and take a pee), add some mysterious technology and watch the magic happen. OR, maybe this is all After Effects "magic" and none of this happened at all. You choose!


INTERACTIVE 50 Caliber M82 Sniper Rifle Video

Standing up and shoulder firing a Barrett M82 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle is impressive as hell, of course only IF you hit all your targets. Play around with this fun little interactive video and watch this sucker blast away some watermelons in super slow mo.


Epic Anime Time: Super Special Effect Cosplay Battle is Pure Eyecandy

Take some cosplay "people" and have them act out some fights, film it, add some blockbuster special effect and instantly you have this super awesome video to enjoy. One thing is for sure... I sure do love glowing warglaives.

"This was shot during Anime North 2011."

Spotted at [ geekologie ]


It Takes Two Crashed Racing Motorcycles to Tango

What in the?! How does THIS happen?

"At Magny-Cours, during a round of the promosport Championship: two riders crash and their bikes lock wheel bars and continue to pirouette on the ground"

Thanks Justin for the heads-up. Today, you are a king.


Slow Motion Tank Video Blasts Out Great Balls of Fire

Shot at 18,000 frames per second with a photron camera. Tank blasts sure look pretty amazing when slowed down to see that giant fireball.

Spotted at [ gizmodo ]


Wacko Jacko Claims to be The World's Oldest Battlefield Player at 66

"At one point, our squad-buddy Wacko Jacko had a confession to make. 
At 66 years old, he claims he's the oldest Battlefield Bad Company 2 player in the world. And he's looking for friends! "

He loves gardening, his boat, but at night he loves to sit at his ps3 and rock battlefield and kill away with the best of them (submachine gun in hand). Sounds like quite the gentleman.


AWESOME Troll Hunter Prequel Trailer as The Empire Strikes Back 

Amazing. One of the creatures in The Troll Hunter is missing an arm. So, superduperrune decided to spend some time editing up a little fan made video to show us how the epic battle went down, which ultimately lead to the loss of said limb. Just watch and love how awesome this is.

"When I first saw that, I knew I had to make this Empire tribute! Some webpages have mistakenly called this a mashup. What I've done is to take the scene from Empire Strikes Back, erase the existing characters, and then animate and re-composite the characters from Troll Hunter into the Empire footage." -superduperrune

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