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Sick Scifi Futuristic Aliens Xenomorph Skate Park Graffiti

How badass is this aliens inspired graffiti art that seemlessly wraps around the walls of the Southsea skate park by Unwelcome Relatives Crew.

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Life-Size Aliens Facehugger Recreated in LEGO

This can only result in getting bricked by a LEGO chest burster. Al13n163na had a self-imposed challenge to make a 1:1 scale replica of a facehugger using LEGO. About 500 pieces later, he nailed it. Game over man.

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Incredible Metroid Xenomorph Mashup Digital Painting

By fusing a Metroid with an Alien Xenormorph rpowell77 just might have created a scifi creature that I honestly would not mind ripping out of my chest. It is just so damn pretty.


Custom Alien Embryos in Desktop Preservation Specimen Jars

How would you like to have an Alien embryo preserved right on your desktop? Ready to hatch, ready to attack your WASD fingers, and ready to annihilate all life on Earth. Hooray!

This awesome clay modeled Xenomorph embryo was created by yanchuan111 from Shenyang, China and if you read on, you can see more of it...

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Alien Chestburster Pencil Lead Carving 'The Pencilburster'

The result of a facehugger and a pencil, 'The Pencilburster' is a super small lead carving (yes, that is an actual TIP of a pencil) by cerkahegyzo that will grow up to a Xenomorph warrior and potential novelist.

Nicely done cerkahegyzo... now the race of pens are doomed.

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Cute Little 3D Alien Xenomorph Cupcakes

How would you like to toss an entire facehugger into your mouth in one bite? How about a xenomorph warrior? Yeah, you and me both. Nom-Yum-Gnome made these awesome little alien cupcakes by using silicon alien ice-cube tray molds and filling them with chocolate, with hand-crafted gumpaste facehuggers and warrior parts.

She jammed them on top of cupcakes with acid green sugary blood.

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Holy Gremlins and Gizmo (Mogwai) Chapel Gargoyles!

Did you know that there is a little fifteenth century Roman Catholic house of worship called Chapelle de Bethléem hidden in the forest about 20km away from Nantes France that is covered in GREMLINS? Well, now you do.

"Gargoyles are said to frighten off and protect those that it guards, such as a church, from any evil or harmful spirits."

Not only does it have Gremlins, there are Aliens and Goldorak rocking around the house.

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Stormtroopers Vs. Aliens Art is a Star Wars Xenomorph Pile of Badass

Bashing, dripping acid, laser blasting, face eating pile of Stormtoopers fighting Aliens by rhymesyndicate who brought you other awesome Star Wars art such as the Sith Predator.


Custom Bloody Jaws Xenomorph USB Drive

There have been many USB drive designs, but this Aliens inspired retractable pharyngeal data jaws just might take the space cake of chest-bursting horror. If you want to see more of this build, check out this dude's facebook page.


H.R. Giger Inspired Custom Xenomorph Computer Mouse

H.R. Giger is responsible for making my dreams horrifically better. Computer modder Ramses07 took it upon himself to rip apart a Cooler Master Storm Xornet and convert it into a Alien that hugs right into the palm of your twisted space marine hand. The xenomorph look came from molded clay over the mouse, painted to perfection and finished with a layer of glossy varnish for the shiny mucus effect.

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We're in the Aliens Facehugger Glass Pipe, Five By Five

So the planet you have been terraforming is infested with pesky xenomorphs and you are stuck hiding in air-shafts with nothing better to do.

SMOKE UP and show your allegiance to the queen of the hive.

Thanks go to Mike who apparently knew some juicy colonists' daughters and had to do some "rescuing".


Awesome Darth Vader vs. Alien Xenomorph 3D Battle Art

Darth Vader vs. Alien Xenomorph *FIGHT*

Check out these awesomely 3D rendered Star Wars scenes by kondaspeter.

What say you? Hit up the jump to check out more and pick your winner.

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