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Would Eat: The Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger

You read that right, this Bacon Double Cheeseburger is made with BREAD CHEESE. What the heck is bread cheese you ask? Well, it is cheese that has been baked to form a tasty crust similar to toasted bread. So yeah, this is cheese cheese with bacon and cow.

If you are into it.. go here to dudefoods and read on how they made it.


Deep Fried Beer Battered Bacon Doritos

I love snack foods. In fact, I love them more than regular food. The dudes at dudefoods came up with a fantastic idea of deep frying doritos in a mixture of beer batter and bacon bits.

"The hot oil also caused the batter to expand around the chips a little bit, so they sort of ended up looking like little puff pastries."



DIY Rainbow Waffles Make Breakfast Magically Freakin' Delicious

Who doesn't love the taste of light refraction with some pot of gold on the side. With a little food coloring, some Bisquick, Ziplock bags, a waffle iron and you too can summon leprechauns right into your breakfast NOOK.

For the recipe on how to make your very own rainbow waffles, go [ here ].


Be Still My Heart Forever: The Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The delicious simplicity of this bacon weave grilled cheese sandwich is only outmatched by the speed in which you are able to jam it into your face.


Red Robin Offering an 'Oktoberfest' Sam Adams Beer Milkshake

Fall weather and beer pounding are finally together in the form of a milkshake. WHAT? Yep. Red Robin is overing a 21+ beer laden milkshake along side their delicious cheeseburgers that is gauranteed to make your fat-lazy-ass tipsy and cheeks rosey. Just as we NEED.

Thanks go to Brad who is the only man that I know that could not only drink, but blow me under the table.

[ source ]


Shovel it IN: Sriracha Popcorn is a 'Crunchy Firestorm' of Rooster Sauce

I am WAY more of a hardcore spicy food eating fan than any of you are. Seriously, I can easily pump buckets of hot sauce into any bio-port in my body with a smile. Yes, ANY. Can you? Yeah... I know you can.

Check out this chili fire based new invention of Sriracha Popcorn via the laughingsquid.


Triforce Pizza: Princess Zelda Wants Extra Cheese

I will take my pizza with some power, wisdom and extra courage please! This simple, yet awesomely pizzacrafted triforce pizza was baked up by linklunatic13. Good work pal, I am CERTAIN that once it was out of the oven you raised it above your head and made your wish.


[ source ]


I'd Still Eat it: Dunkin' Donuts New Shredded Pork Flavored Donuts

Did you know that on Pen Island, the man who can hold the most pork flavored donuts without using his hands is pronounced King? I am still trying to figure out how to get them on there, otherwise I would be King... I swear.

"Donuts are a very flexible product," Dunkin Chief Executive Officer Nigel Travis told Reuters in an interview. “You can do savory donuts, you can do donuts with shredded pork — that’s in China."

SADLY, (I know) these are only available in China, because like you, I know these would become a major staple in our "diets".

[ source ] via [ geekosystem ]


Unicorn Poop Cookies Look Like They Came Out of a Magic Butt

Poop cookies are decently good. Unicorn poop cookies are... MAGICAL. These little rainbow plops of delicious are guaranteed to make you fly standing up straight, shoot lasers out of your private parts and when you talk, rainbow sparkles spew out of your mouth like a flamethrower.

"Unicorns may manage their elusiveness but they left behind some fanciful evidence of their existence and I was able to recreate their leavings."

If you read on you will be able to watch a video of these cookies in action! Magic Poop Rainbow ACTION.

Click to read more ...


Yum or Yuck: Would You Eat Live Octopus? 

Many of you out there IN THE VOID would never want to push a live octopus wrapped around a stick directly into your face. Something tells me that you have heard of this delicacy and maybe even seen a picture or two, but this short video by national geographic awesomely details the deliciousness / grossness of live octopus eating and you should watch it and learn.


Pizza Made Entirely From Delicious Pizza Flavored Snacks

Take some pizza combos, pizza doritos, pizza goldfish, pizza pringles, pizza hummus, do some basic arranging into a pizza shape and mamma mia! It's a pizza pie!

[ source ] via [ buzzfeed ]


OMG Epic Breakfast! Learn How to Make Bacon Wrapped Eggs

I <3 bacon and eggs. I know most of you are just waking up and thinking "What in the hell should I do for breffass?" Watch this video and find your answer. This just looks too damn good and needed to be posted. Enjoy!

1 package bacon
1 box of eggs
Shredded cheddar, crumbled goat cheese, or any cheese you like
Chopped herbs such as chives, dill, thyme

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