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Zelda's Lost Woods on Accordion...on a Unicycle...in the Woods

Perfect KOOL


Wearable Majora's Mask From The Legend of Zelda

How would you like to wear this super colorful one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted Majora's Mask?! Well, it is real and if you have the rupees, you can.

"CAMILLE YOUNG made this amazingly elegant, meticulously detailed, hand-crafted The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask piece as her representation of "ritual" for "Grace & Ritual," [iam8bit's] all-woman art event opening THIS FRIDAY, May 10"


Legend of Zelda Big Skulltula Spider Sculpture - Ocarina of Time

Remember the skull spiders from Ocarina of Time? Those creepy wall crawlers scared the bejesus out of everyone. Well, escaron made a big skulltula sculpture (Height: 23 cm Width: 16 cm) for the Swedish game-exhibition out of tin foil, wire and hand-painted with acrylics.

Read on to see more closeups and views from all sides.

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Amazing Life-Size Zelda 'Twilight Princess' Made from Paper


Yes, this is how big Princess Zelda would be in real life. Exactly (actually, I think she would be smaller). She was made piece-by-piece entirely out of PAPER by papercrafter minidelirium.

"She is 170cm tall (5'6''), the upper body is built in 160/g-paper, the skirt in 200/g-paper. she took an incredible 226 HOURS to build"


It's Dangerous to go Alone! Drink This... Yuengling Beer

As Link embarks on his quest, he might as well drink the finest (and really, only) thing that the entire state of Pennsylvania has to offer... Yuengling beer. Hylian Princesses love beer muscles.


Dude Makes His Own Wooden Hylian Shield, Kills Ganon, Finds Zelda

As we all know, it sure is DANGEROUS out there so you better get yourself a shield to go with that sword, bucko. Brazilian wood-crafter clefrayearth took it upon himself to craft up this impressive Hylian shield and if you read on you can see more of the build.

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The Jägermeister Beef Filled Bacon Triforce of Power

By using ground beef mixed with Jaegermister packed between layers of bacon weave, this triforce of power just might be the ultimate in a video gamers drunken arsenal of breakfast foods.


Zelda Tramp Stamp

Low on health? Then ink the triforce of power right above your butt, fill those empty heart containers and find yourself a master sword.

Spotted at [ lazorz ]


HYRULOGIC: Daft Punk and Zelda's Link Mashed Up into Awesome Art

Ever wanted to combine Zelda's Link into the electronic greatness of Daft Punk??? Well, DoomCMYK has managed to do it for you.. this is a limited edition print of only 100 copies to be sold and I will have you know, that since I snagged one, it has gone to 99.

Read on... and snag while you can.

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A Zelda / Link TRON Daft Punk Mashup

Called "A Link to the Daft" this Link TRON Daft Punk mashup is glowingly awesome. This sick design was conceived by David Cole.


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Hacked Zelda Emulator Wedding Proposal with a LEGO Heart Ring Box

If you are going to propose to your Zelda playing fiancé (obviously your soul mate), you might as well hack the ROM and make the old man say "It's Dangerous to go alone! Amber, will you marry me?"

Hey Amber's fiancé... you might be the luckiest fellow this side of Hyrule.

"We had been playing the original Legend of Zelda on an emulator the previous weekend. (My fiance owns the original NES cartridge too, but the emulator makes hacking easier.) A few nights before, he and his roommate finished it, so he asked if I wanted to do the second quest. I said sure, so he turned on the computer and I started playing. When I entered the cave with the old man,  (who normally says “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!”) who gives you a sword, it instead said what you see in the picture above. I looked over at my fiance; he was kneeling and holding a heart container made out of Legos. The ring was inside. Obviously I said yes!"

[ source ] via [ geeks.tdw ]


How to Beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Five Minutes

If you are a zelda fan, especially on the SNES, this will bring your back. Fire up this video and be amazed at all the awesome little glitches the game has and you wish you knew at the time. Load your emulators now!

NOTE: After you are done watching you will get pussy from two Zeldas. There is no way you can ask for anything more than that!