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Zombucks: Finally, a Currency of the Zombie Apocalypse

When the zombie apocalypse happens (and you know that it will), who is going to back all those US Dollars?! NO ONE WITH BRAINS, that's for certain. So, for when the shit hits the fan, Provident Metals is releasing these 1oz silver coins that can be traded for things like food, booze, women and weapony.

Basically, the things you need to survive.

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BRAIN TROTTERS: Zombie Demon Undead Unicorn Horse Sculptures

You know those weird horse "action figures" that you have wondered who is into collecting them? Well, a horse crafter by the name of 'Janine Haq' decided to make them into brain eating zombies... I think she did the right thing.

"Each piece is entirely handmade from polymer clay over a skeleton of wire and foil. These creations are often given real fur and inset eyes, further adding to their realism."

Read on to see closeups and a -slightly less mythical- zombie horse versions.

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Pulp Zombie: Animated Jules Winnfield of the Dead

Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield zombiefied and telling it like it is on animated gif repeat.


Zombie Ex-Girlfriend Gun Target that Bleeds when you Shoot it to Hell

Two things that can really ruin your day... zombies and ex-girlfriends. Zombie Industries came up with a "fantastic idea" of combining them BOTH into a bleeding target that you can waste with your much needed assault rifle. This is going to go over well... I am certain.

"I love that this target looks like Britney Spears and it bleeds when I shot it." - Bryan

What they SHOULD have called this was the Zombie gun target that makes sure you never get a girlfriend again... ever.

Ratta tat tat!


Smell Like the Undead with this Zombie Cologne

Now you can smell like the brain eating walker that you truly are with these Zombie for him and Zombie for Her cologne sprays. Spray on and join the herd.

"Zombie for Him: Think forest floor.  Zombie for Him is a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth.  A definite must-have for any Man’s scent collection."

"Zombie for Her: A slightly lighter version of the Men's fragrance with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch."


Violent Gamer Zombie Girl with PS3 Controller in the Eye Socket Makeup

Do video games make you mindlessly kill by turning you into a gruesome gamer zombie? GOOD QUESTION. This is makeup artist oxbloodrayne1989xo impressively taking a ps3 controller to the face as a violent video gamer zombie...

Cellllllll microprocessor braaaaaaaaaaaaaaainnnzzzzz.... read on to see more.

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Zombie Teddy Bears Are Guaranteed to Eat Your Kid's Brains

Check out these gruesome zombified teddy bears by Phillip Blackman, a British illustrator who enjoys torturing teddy-bears. Unfortunately, these bears are not meant to be cuddled with, but seriously... we all know that your kids will do it anyway. Kids LOVE exposed brains, bones and jowels!

Read on my sick friend... there are more.

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Morbid Winter Fun Grave Desecration with Zombie Snowmen 

And the dead will rise as snowmen...

"Spooky zombie snowmen created by Jen Hutchinson crawls out of the ground in a disused graveyard in Bristol, UK.


Zombie Star Wars Death Trooper

It's zombie season! From Halloween to The Walking Dead, even Stormtroopers need to feast on some brains.

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Get Leid and Eaten by a Zombie Luau Pineapple, Braaainsss

Going to the grocery store STAT. Made from a real deal pineapple, Cherry Laffy Taffy tongue, Black raspberry jam for blood and some custom undead eyes. This gnarly pineapple zombie (this is a link) by kjas that looks decent enough to eat some belly dancer's brains and still have room to totally destroy some surfer's board.

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Chew on This: A Taxidermied Zombie Head Gumball Machine

Now this is one gruesome gumball machine! This gnarly looking zombie will eat your brains while you get to chew on his balls.

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Zombie T-Rex Tattoo Shoulder Tattoo

Meet Megan.. she is a cake designer who loves DINOS and ZOMBIES... Hey Megan.. ME TOO.

Now make me a cake that looks EXACTLY like your tattoo and we can be best friends FOREVER.

"This is [Megan's] zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex tattoo. It took three sessions of about thirteen hours total and was done by Jeff Addz at Generation X in Daytona Beach, Florida. [ Megan has] been in love with dinosaurs since [she] was a very young girl and [she] also has a passion for the undead, so [Megan] decided to combine the two. [Her] artist was insanely talented and did this entire design free-handed. [She] could not be happier with the finished result. "

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