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Ridiculously Over-Accessorized AR-15 Designed to Destroy Zombies

When you absolutely positively have to kill every zombie in your infested local mall, this is your weapon. This brutal piece of absurdity was made by the fellows down at Moss Pawn & Guns. Just remember kids, guns don't kill zombies... an AR-15s with nine (30 round) mags, muzzle-break, three laser sights, multiple tactical flashlights, bi-pod, three red dot scopes kills zombies.

Note: Fully loaded and ready to destroy, this sucker weighs in at an arm tiring 23 pounds.

Sniped from [ endo ]


Zombies Beware: A Working Chainsaw Bayonet For Your AK-47

Zombies can sneak up on you when you least expect it. This Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment was created by Double Star as an alternative to wasting precious bullets at close range and just going for the old melee chainsaw head removal.

[ source ] via [ gizmodo ]


My Little Hand Carved Zombie Thundercloud Pony is Bloody Gruesome

Braaaaaaaaaaaaainzzzzzzzz... sometimes having a rainbow sparkly friendship only leads to chewing on a pretty pretty pony right down to the bone. This was hand-crafted by ankin to look gnarly enough to make young girls (and creepy old men, you know who you are) around the world cry tears of blood. Just remember, friendship is delicious.

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Zombie Attack Barbie: Girls Gotta Learn How to Fight the Undead

Barbie is one tough lady. THAT is NOT true. She is a disproportionate sloot that has tempted young girls into a lifestyle of superficiality for ages resulting in an over-flux in pornography and global resentment for Western Culture. Without Barbie, we would be nothing. Now it is time that the youth of today learns how to fight off a zombie attack.

Via [ geekologie ]

Thanks go to Jonathan who I once dressed up like a Barbie doll and forced him to have a tea and  GHB date with me. 


Zombie Meal Time Eating Bacon, Mac n Cheese, Brains and Jack Daniels

This might be one of my favorite EpicMealTime episodes yet. Zombies! Making Zombie sounds! Drinking Jack Daniels! Eating real deal brains all covered in mac n cheese and bacon!


Walking Dead Lawn Gnomes Come to Devour Your Brains

Lawn of the Dead Gnome Zombies rises from your weed laden lawn to eat your brains. 

"Zombie Gnome is cast out of garden statuary stone weighing 10 lbs. He measures 14 inches tall & is hand painted." Read on to see more detailed shots.

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Fortuitous, Cute and Malevolent Little Girl Zombie Scream 

AwwwwwwwRARRRRR!!!! Fortuitous?! Dear sir, there is no fortune in little girls instantly turning into vapid zombies! So you think... so... you... think.


Raise Em Up For... BRAINS!

Ohh hellz yeah. Zombies love them brains.

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Zombie Surviving and Anarchy All in One Image

Need to know how to stop zombie attack and the government at the same time? Hint: ^


The Russian UnDead Have Risen: Moscow Zombie Parade 2011

Crazy Evil Undead Goth Zombies invade Moscow! Bonus: Fun zombie humor!  Read on to see some of the most bloody brutal pics of the event.

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-1 UP: Demon / Zombie / Evil Dead Mushroom Removes an Extra Life

Hold up! Don't pick up this -1 UP mushroom unless you are prepared to be a life short of beating the game. This cleverly evil design was created by Danilo S. Laynes and if you have the power, feel free to vote it up into a t-shirt.

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Stay Puft Zombie Marshmellow Man

Choose and perish!!! This time good ole' Stay Puft wants to eat your brains. Created by David McDowell, who has made so many awesome social icon designs, it will blow your mind. Back off man, I'm a scientist.

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